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WebinarJam: Where are my links in WebinarJam?

This article is for WebinarJam



Where are my links in WebinarJam?

There are several different types of WebinarJam links offered with WebinarJam. To get your Links, you will need to go to the "Ready to Get Started" Tab on the right.  Here you have the option of Live or Test Webinar.

Read How to Test a Webinar.

NOTE: Please note that the popup that opens when you click Live or Test, says Live or Test to allow you to confirm you clicked the right link.  

The links basically fall into two Categories and are on separate tabs as such.



Where are the Links to invite Attendees? How do I invite people to my Webinar?

Attendee links are the links for your attendees, so that they can register for your webinar, attend a live event or replay. 

NOTE: Be sure to use the YOUR LINKS (Marked #2 below) button to get people to register for your actual webinar. 

While people can register for a Test webinar via the "Run A Test" Button, they will not be on your analytics and won't get all your emails.




Webinar Invitation Link (Marked #1 Below)

The Webinar Invitation Link is the link you want to send to people so that they can register for your webinar. 

If your event is "Right now" they will go straight to the webinar.  Right now webinars do not have a registration page, but this link will still collect their name and email information for your analytics.

If you set up a custom registration page this link will forward to the page you set up in the Registration Tab.



Webinar Embed Code (Marked #1 Below)

The Embed Registration Code



Show Emergency Link 

Emergency Link is like it says "an emergency link." If someone lost their webinar link you might want to give them this.   


The Emergency link is just that. For Emergency purposes only, to be used only during a live webinar.

People who use this link will not appear on your analytics.

If there is not a webinar currently happening the link may not work. This is not a fault of the link, but the fact the link was designed only to allow access to a webinar happening right now for someone who has lost their link. 

Replay Link Select Schedule (Marked #2 Below)

The Replay Link is how you can get direct access to your webinar replay. If you have several sessions, you'll be able to pick your session from the drop down. Once you select the schedule, a link will appear (Marked #3 Below) .Since each replay will have their own link, you'll be able to share these links with clients and customers as well. Or place the replay links behind a membership site.

Your replay video can be downloaded by clicking the download icon (Marked #4 Below). 

The link itself can be opened easily by clicking the open option (Marked #5 Below). 



Presenter Links

Presenter links are for you as the webinar owner, any presenters, administrators, and other personnel who might be working behind the scenes during your webinar.

  1. FIRST You Need to Login via the LIVE ROOM (Marked #2 Below)  
    With this link your WebinarJam application will load, but you will need to follow the steps to Enter Room before the links below will work

  2. Your Control Center Link (Marked #3 Below)   
    Your sidebar control center has the same capabilities, however this lets you see everything side by side.
    * If you don't Enter Room, this link will not work. *

  3. Your Second Presenter (Marked #4 Below) 
    * If you don't Enter Room, this link will not work. *

  4. Control Center for Second Presenter or Moderator  (Marked #5 Below) 
    You can choose to just send an administrator this link so they can moderate chat, set up questions and more.
    * If you don't Enter Room, this link will not work. *

  5. Moderator Only Link (Marked #6 Below)
    If you have someone who will be moderating the webinar only, and not presenting during the webinar, they will only have a Control Center Link. 
  6. Not Shown 
    If you have more presenters and moderators, you can scroll down and get their links as well.