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Kartra Academy



What is Kartra Academy?

All new Kartra customers are automatically enrolled in the Kartra Academy, bonus content and training from Frank and Andy that brings you into the inner circle of some of the greatest marketing minds in the world.

NOTE: We built Kartra Academy within our own portal with the Kartra Membership program! Check over this article for ideas for your own membership site!

NOTE: To login to the Kartra User Dashboard visit https://app.kartra.com/

Here, you will find a growing library of training, help, ideas, even brain-dumps! This will help take your business to the next level, all while using the Kartra platform.



What does the Kartra Academy Look like? 

  • Kartra Quick Start Training (Marked #1 Below),
  • Frank Kern Training Room (Marked #2 Below). 
Kartra Academy Dashboard


What Can I Do with The Training?

Click either Kartra Quick Start Training or the Frank Kern Training Room to see a drop-down menu with video training sessions (Marked #1 Below).  You'll also find a sidebar menu when inside a training module (Marked #2 Below).

Quick tip

There is a copious amount of training, with more coming. To keep track of what you've already viewed, look for the little eye. If you've already viewed that training, the eye will appear "faded" or semi-transparent (Marked #1 Below).  Or, it will be solid (Marked # 2 Below) for lessons you haven't yet seen.


Kartra Academy Dashboard Frank


Can I Change My Username or Password?

Click the icon that looks like a human head to see your profile (Marked #1 Below).

Here you can change your password or email address for your Kartra Academy Membership (Marked #2 Below).

NOTE: This will change the information everywhere for you that uses that username (Below the user is Katie649af08).

Kartra Academy Profile