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WebinarJam: The WebinarJam Live Upgrade (Access the WebinarJam Live broadcaster)



What is the WebinarJam Live Upgrade?

A base WebinarJam account automatically includes using YouTube Live as the webinar broadcaster (AKA provider). If you don't wish to stream your webinar recording directly to your YouTube Channel, and desire additional features such as private webinars, the WebinarJam Live Upgrade is just what you're looking for. It unlocks the exclusive WebinarJam Live broadcast engine, WebinarJam's own private network that lets you stream webinars without any third party intervention for:

  • A truly secure webinar experience
  • No broadcast brand watermarks (e.g. YouTube Live)
  • No need for Adsense or other third party registrations
  • Super simple configuration
  • Extra reliability

How do I get the WebinarJam Live Upgrade?

You can get the WebinarJam Live upgrade right from within the WebinarJam application!

First, confirm the email associated with your original purchase. You will need this to complete the upgrade, so it connects correctly with your existing account.


My Account

Login to the New WebinarJam. At the top, click the person Icon (Marked #1 Below). This will take you to your account profile (Marked #2 Below).  

Copy the email listed (Marked #3 Below).


WebinarJam Configuration Choose Channel


Adding WebinarJam Live

Choose an existing or new webinar. 

Click the edit pencil to choose your webinar provider.

WebinarJam Configuration Choose Channel


Choose WebinarJam

Click on WebinarJam Live.  You'll see the following screen.  Please use this upgrade button.



Click the "Upgrade" button.  This will connect your upgrade to your existing account. Be sure to use the email you copied from your account to help connect the original with the upgrade.



Presenter Upgrade

If you have set up WebinarJam Live as your "Webinar Provider", but you don't have the WebinarJam Live upgrade, you will see the notice pictured below.

If you want to use WebinarJam Live, it is fine to go ahead and upgrade now. Again, be sure to use the email on your account.

If you don't want to upgrade right now, go back into your webinar and change the Webinar Provider to YouTube. Be sure to save through the webinar, then open a new presenter link.