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MailJet SMTP Integration for EverWebinar Notifications

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Can I use MailJet With WebinarJam?

Both WebinarJam and EverWebinar allow you to use one of several dedicated SMTP services, including MailJet, to send your notifications.   See https://MailJet.com/pricing/

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NOTE: Email notification content cannot be edited with the exception of send time unless you verify your phone number or use your own SMTP server to send the notifications.



Where Can I Add MailJet to WebinarJam or EverWebinar?

There are two ways you can add MailJet to WebinarJam and EverWebinar. One, choose to add MailJet to individual webinars.  Or, two, add MailJet to your Dashboard so it will be available for all your webinars. This still allows you to choose different email services per webinar.

See instructions below on how to do both. 


How Can I Add MailJet as an Email Gateway to My Profile?

In order to add MailJet to your WebinarJam Profile, Click the first icon, "My Account" (Marked #1 Below).


Click the Integrations Tab (Marked #2 Below).

Email Gateway

Autoresponder will appear when you click the integrations tab, Click the "Email Gateways" tab (Marked #3 Below) to add your SMTP.

WebinarJam Email Gateway


Selecting MailJet

 Now you start adding your MailJet Information.

Sender's Name

Enter the name on your MailJet account.

Sender's Email

Enter the email address you set up for your MailJet Account.

SMTP Provider

From the dropdown choices, choose MailJet.

WebinarJam MailJet Integration



What Information Do I Need to Add MailJet to WebinarJam?

You will see many places to add information, so we recommend going to MailJet Account Setup. You can find this by going to "My Account" (Marked #1 Below) then "SMTP and Send API settings" (Marked #2 Below).


WebinarJam MailJet


Now gather the following pieces of information



With MailJet, this is also your API Key (Marked #1 Below).


With MailJet, this is also your "Secret Key" (Marked #2 Below).

Server hostname

You'll need your server hostname/SMTP Server (Marked #3 below). This is typically in-v3.mailjet.com.

SMTP port

Port number/SMTP Port (Marked #4 Below) for most accounts is 587. Using other numbers may not successfully send emails. 


MailJet mentions this as connections (Marked #5 Below). For most accounts you need TLS.



WebinarJam MailJet Settings

Connecting MailJet to WebinarJam

Now add these pieces of information to WebinarJam.

  1. To SMTP Username we add the MailJet Username (Marked #1 Above to #1 Below).
  2. To SMTP Password we add the MailJet Password (Marked #2 Above to #2 Below).
  3. To SMTP Server add "in-v3.mailjet.com" (Marked #3 Above to #3 Below).
  4. To SMTP Port  add 587 (Marked #4 Above to #4 Below).
  5. To Encryption select TLS from the dropdown  (Marked #5 Above to #5 Below).
WebinarJam MailJet Connect


Press "Connect" which will verify the connection between MailJet and WebinarJam. If the connection works, it will say "Connected" (Marked #1 Below).


Test Your Connection


Next, we recommend sending yourself a test email to verify the connection works as it should.  Add your email (Marked #2 Below) and press the "Send Test Email" button.


WebinarJam Test Your Connection


Congratulations! Now you can use your MailJet on ALL your webinars.


Adding MailJet to a Single Webinar

Select the email to which you want to add MailJet, and go to "Notifications" (Marked #1 Below).

Select "Email" (Marked #2 Below).

WebinarJam Notifications


Select Use Your Own Server. (Marked #1 Below)

WebinarJam Notifications SMTP

Adding your MailJet Information

From here, repeat the steps as described above in What Information Do I Need to Add MailJet to WebinarJam?