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What is the difference between Webinar Jam and EverWebinar?

This article is for: WebinarJam Studio Users

We created WebinarJam to work in conjunction with EverWebinar.  Here's how they work.

WebinarJam is for live webinars.  You can have unlimited live webinars or attendees, with replays.  Once you get a high converting webinar, then you take the recording of that webinar...

...and make it an automated webinar with EverWebinar.  EverWebinar simulates the live webinar experience for your customers, and operates completely automated.  You don't even have to log in to push a button to start a webinar. It's a software service. So there's nothing for you to install, upload, host... EverWebinar handles it all.

With EverWebinar, you can also use a video hosted on Amazon S3 or Vimeo as the source of your webinar.


What happened to Evergreen Business Systems?

*As of April 2015 Evergreen Business System is no longer be our go-to platform for automation. Current EBS owners will always be able to use the software they purchased, but continuing development of it is ending.