WebinarJam: Thank You Survey

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When you are setting up your Thank You page, you have the option to add a survey! 

You can survey your registrants with questions like, "What specific questions would you like me to review during webinar?" Or, "How long do you think the webinar should last?" Surveys can give you direct feedback from your audience to improve your webinar content.

Alternatively, you can use a survey to collect additional demographic or personal data, such as type of business, location, or level of education. Or, you can ask questions regarding content requests. Anything you like! 

NOTE: Survey data can not be passed to an Autoresponder.




How to Create a Survey

Surveys are the third section on the thank you tab. 


Click the pencil beside "Survey Your Registrants" and press "Yes, Create a Thank You Survey" (Marked#1 Below).

Headline Text

Add a headline or comment to encourage your registrants to fill out the survey (Marked #2 Below).

Add A Module

Choose a Module for your survey (Marked #3 Below).

Creating Your Survey Question

You can add a response Poll questions. Click the Blue Plus to add a response or the Red X to delete one (Marked #4 Below).

Delete a Question

To delete a question, click the X beside the question (Marked # 5 Below).


Once you are done adding all your questions, click confirm (Marked #6 Below).



Types of Survey Questions

Poll Allowing Only One Answer

This is a poll question where you might typically answer yes or no.  Or even yes, no, maybe. Registrants can only choose one answer.

Poll Allowing Multiple Answers

This is a poll question where registrants can choose multiple answers. For example, in the image above, "What type of pets do you like?" Attendees can choose all three choices, or just one or two.

Question for a Short Answer

Use this for answers that are just a few words or a short sentence. 

Question for a Long Answer

Use this for answers that may require several sentences or a paragraph.



Where do I get my Survey Results?

To see your survey results look under Analytics.

  1. Click the Analytics Tab (Marked #1 Below).
  2. Select your webinar (Marked #2 Below).
  3. Session (Marked #3 Below).  
  4. Then click "Go" (Marked #4 Below). 

NOTE: This looks a little different depending on if you are in WebinarJam or EverWebinar.

Go down to the "Traffic" Section (First Section Below).


Exporting Results

Once you open the Traffic Section you can see your Webinar Traffic. At the bottom of the Traffic Section are your survey results.

Click "View Survey Results" and a popup appears saying, "We are exporting the survey results. This could take a few minutes, so we will send you an email with a download link as soon as it is ready."

NOTE: Close the pop up as it will continue to spin but your Survey results will be emailed to the account email in your profile.

NOTE: If you press the Survey button again, you will see the following warning: "Your survey is already in process to be exported. Please wait a few minutes for the download link to be sent to your email address."




What the Export Looks Like

Exported survey results are not segmented by date, so the results will be from your entire survey. Your survey will be sent via an Excel spreadsheet.

The registrant's name and email will display with their answers to the question. Each survey question will appear on it's own tab.