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How do I see, download or edit my recordings?

This article is for: Legacy WebinarJam Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)

The system automatically records each webinar for you, so there's no need for you to even click a button. After the webinar, the recording will automatically be uploaded to your YouTube channel. But there will be times when your Webinar may get interrupted, or you may want to hide the webinar or showcase it on your website!  With You Tube that's easy.

Use The Power of YouTube!

In your YouTube account, you can download it, delete it, make it private, or embed the YouTube link on your site. When you download it, you can edit the recording using your own editing software, and even upload the edited recording to be your replay! 
NOTE: However if you edit the video, Replica Replay will no longer work. Chat, polls, offers, and injected videos will not work.  


How Do I Find My Video?

Go to your Your Video Manager. You can do that by going to  http://youtube.com/my_videos.


Edit Your Video

To Edit you want to click Enhancements. This screen will allow you to trim a video, speed it up, and make some color enhancements.  If your webinar was interrupted, you may want to combine two videos.  On the lower right of that screen you will see a button with "Try the YouTube editor." This will allow you to combine two videos.
Read more about the YouTube Editor on Google Support


Download Your Webinar

You can download the video by going back to your Video Manager, select edit on the video you want to download, then select Download MP4.
While there is a delete button, be careful.
WARNING: You Can Not Recover the YouTube Video Once It Is Deleted.


How can I Get Just the Webinar Audio?

Since all webinar replays are posted on YouTube, you can either download the video from YouTube, then strip the audio yourself, or (even easier) use a free service like this one to strip the audio from any YouTube video.