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Kartra Product: Creating Bump Offers

What is an Offer Bump?

A Bump, sometimes called a product bump or offer bump, allows you to display supplementary products on your checkout form. These products display on the checkout page with a toggle to allow the customer to add the bump product to their order. Typically the bump offers are offered at lesser price points than the initial product.

Something like:

"Since you're already ordering the pasta cooker for $45, add our starter kit with pasta and sauce for just $5."  

By choosing a bump that matches the product and a price point that makes it nearly impossible to say no, you'll have a winning combination to increase your revenue.


Before You Add a Product Bump

If you want a Product to appear as a bump, it must first be created before it displays as an "Offer Bump" on another product. You can choose an existing product in a funnel, a standalone product, or create a clone of a product to use as a bump product.

If you want your "Offer Bump" to have a different price than your normal pricing, you will need to create a new price point in that Product's settings. Be sure both the name and price point are as you want them displayed on your checkout page for your "Offer Bump."


Where Can I Add a Product Bump?

A product bump can be added during your product creation.

If you want to add it to a product you have already created, go to the "Checkout" Page (Marked #1 Below).  Scroll down to "Bump Offers" (Marked #2 Below). Click the Change Button.

  Kartra Product Bump


How Can I Activate an Offer Bump?

On the Bump Offer section, you'll have two options. You'll want "Yes, Activate the Offer Bump" (Marked #1 Below).

Once you click "Yes" a warning will appear. This warning wants you to be aware of the following:

Due to the complex nature of processing two independent transactions simultaneously, there are a few limitations to the bump offer feature:

  1. The main offer and the bump offer cannot be of the exact same dollar value.
  2. Both the main offer and the bump offer must be configured under the same payment gateway.
  3. PayPal is not supported, so don't use bump offers if you've activated PayPal as a payment method for either the main product or the bump offer.
  4. The bump offer box is very minimalistic from a display point of view within the checkout form. As such, it doesn't display advanced billing items such as shipping or sales tax. Instead, the bump offer will inherit them from the main offer.
  5. Again, due to the minimalistic display of the bump offer box, no discount coupon field will be displayed for the bump offer.

Read the next section for instructions on the Offer Bump Settings (Marked #2 Below).

Kartra Product Bump Activate Yes


What Settings Exist For Offer Bumps?

Next, you will choose the price point for your Bump Offer (Marked #1 Below).

In the first section which allows you to select your product (Marked #2 Below) you'll choose:

  • Product Funnel: Which Funnel is your bump offer in?
  • Product: Which product is your bump offer?
  • Price Point: Which price do you want your bump offer to sell for?
The bump offer will display the same product name and price that you have set up within that product.

You can add and edit your "Header line" (Marked #3 Below) which should be less than 40 characters long.

Then you can edit your "Offer Description" (Marked #4 Below) which should be less than 400 characters long.  We recommend writing a compelling sentence that explains why this offer is too good to refuse.

In the preview section, you can choose which product bump template (Marked #5 Below) you want to use.  Just press the arrow keys to go through the sections.


Kartra Product Bump Activate


What Will the Offer Bump Look Like?

It will appear on your checkout page.  Your customers will need to toggle the offer on, in order to upgrade. This meets with Go to the checkout page for your product, and you'll see the bump appear in the dotted yellow box below.

Kartra Product Bump Checkout

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