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EW: How to Email a Segment of Attendees

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After your webinar, you can email all your registrants or you can segment your audience. 

Why Segment My Audience?

Segmenting is the practice of dividing your Webinar registrant base into groups based on activities, so they get information that helps both them and you.

This means that you can send an email to those who watched your webinar live with an Offer.  You can email those who missed your webinar with a link to your replay (the replay shortcode is added to post webinar emails automatically). 


Segment a List via Post Webinar Emails

When you set up your Notifications, you can set up After Webinar Emails which allow you to segment the list.  

NOTE: The post webinar emails go out after the start of the webinar. If you expect your webinar to be 2 hours long, you will want the email to go out 3 hours after the webinar starts. (Marked #1 Below)

After your webinar, you are able to segment your list according to the registrants below.  (Marked #2 Below) You can select from those who attended, or those attended who left before a certain time or other settings.  




Segment a List via Analytics

This section requires that you manually segment your list and download the list so you can email these recipients.

To segment via Analytics, go to Analytics from the top menu.  (Marked #1 Below)

Select your Webinar (Marked #2 Below)

Please note the following differences for WebinarJam and EverWebinar for selecting the session. (Marked #3 Below)


NOTE: For WebinarJam Only

You will only see the Analytics for "All Sessions", previous webinars, or for your next upcoming webinar. To see which attendees are in upcoming webinars, select "All Sessions" and compare it against your other sessions.



NOTE: For EverWebinar Only

The session choices here allow you to choose from any sessions you set up, including Just in Time or Yesterday's Replay.  

WIth EverWebinar you will also have another choice that allows you to choose a basic time frame.

However this is what has happened in the time frame. So if you select this week, a customer who registered last week will not show on the registrant list for this week while the emails may be on this week.  

Now Press Go. 


Registrants and Attendees

The first drop down lets you choose a specific date if you selected all dates at the top of analytics.

The next boxes allow you to segment your audience via the following:

  1. Live Session: All, Attended, Did not attend, Attended and left before or after a time stamp.
  2. Replay Session: All, Attended, Did not attend, Attended and left before or after a time stamp.
  3. Purchase: All, Purchased or Did Not