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How can I change the Chat settings in my live webinar?

Many Presenters want to change chat settings during a webinar for a variety of reasons. You can exchange instant chat messages with each other during a webinar.


Chat Settings

The first two icons in the sidebar are related to chat. The sprocket icon (Marked #1 Below) is the WebinarJam Chat Settings. These settings will be discussed in the next section.


The comment icon (Marked #2 Below) is the WebinarJam Chat. This is where presenters and attendees can see chat.


WebinarJam Sidebar




What are the Chat Settings?

To change the chat settings click the sprocket icon. Once you do, you will see a sidebar similar to below.

"Enable Chat"

How do I turn chat off?

Use the Toggle to Enable Chat or Disable Chat (Marked #1 Below).


"All Messages Are Public"

How do I change chat where only admin can see messages?

Click on the gray section to change how attendee comments are displayed. (Marked #2 Below)

All Messages Are Public

Everyone in the audience sees the chat messages. But you can edit or delete messages if you need to hide anything.

All Messages Are Private 

If you choose this setting only the admins see the chat messages

Allow Both Public and Private Messages

Attendees can chat or send private messages to the administrators


"Display Number of Attendees in the Room"

How do I hide the number of Attendees I have?

"Display Number of Attendees in the Room" can be toggled on or off (Marked #3 Below). This allows you to hide your attendee numbers if they are less than you expected. You can turn the Attendee number display on or off at any time during your webinar.


"Allow Attendees to Request to Speak in Live Session"

How do I allow attendees to speak?

With the Allow Attendees to Speak toggle (Marked #4 Below), you can allow attendees to raise their hand so they can request to speak. By turning the toggle off, you can indicate to your attendees you will not be bringing in any guest speakers or anyone else.


"Redirect Attendees to a URL"

How do send my attendees to another URL?

Webinar Attendees can be redirected to any webpage during your webinar. Add a URL to "Redirect Attendees to a URL" and click the arrow button (Marked #5 Below). This will open a new tab with your webpage.  

We recommend adding a comment with a link to the webpage. We also recommend adding an offer and even a sticky. Adding your URL in a variety of ways helps get your attendees to notice and visit the page you want them to see.

WebinarJam Chat Settings




How do I Moderate Attendee Chat?

Where do I see attendee chat? How do I chat with attendees?

To see  your attendees chat and chat with attendees click the comment icon (Marked #1 Below). This will allow you to see your attendees chat, read and answer their questions. 

How do I find out an attendees email?

Click the three dots (Marked #2 Below) to learn more about an attendee or moderate their chat or see additional tools to help you.  These are explained below. 

The Presenter's name and Email 

If you have several attendees with the same name, the email can help you identify which one is which. It also is good if you need to email an attendee.

Invite as a Speaker 

The hand icon will enable you to invite that attendee to speak. Be sure to message them beforehand so they can get ready!  Read more on how to Invite as Speaker

Broadcast Question 

This little megaphone icon will display that message on the bottom of the attendee screen! This is also sometimes called Feedback Flow. This is a great way to display a question you are answering or even better showcase when your attendee is saying thank you for the great webinar or product.

Reply in Private 

The arrow icon will allow you to reply to privately message only that attendee.

Edit Comment 

The pencil icon will allow you to remove a link, profanity or otherwise edit an attendees chat message

Delete Comment

The X will remove the message from the chat. And the message will also disappear from Replica Replays. Great for removing a time sensitive message as well.

Ban User from Room 

This will remove this attendee from your webinar.  Be careful as they will not be able to return to your current webinar. What if I ban someone by accident? The attendee can re-enter by using a different browser or clearing their cookies.


WebinarJam Chat Settings




How Do I Mark A Comment as a Question (or Answer)

Any comment from an attendee can be marked as a question (See Mouseover Below).

Attendee comments that are marked as Questions (by you or the attendee) will have a red Q beside them (See Q Below).

Admin comments that are marked as Answers will have a green A for Answer beside them.


WebinarJam Chat Question





How Do I Create a Sticky Comment?

A "Sticky" is a message "stuck" to the top of the chat window, which is a great way to send your audience information!  

First make certain you are on the chat tab (Marked #1 Below).

Click the "Set Stick Message" at the top of your sidebar (Marked #2 Below).   Type your message in the black popup that appears, then click the "Post" button. It's in the same location as the Remove displayed below.  The popup will disappear.

When you are ready to change or remove the message, click the three dots again (Marked #2 Below) and press the red "Remove" button (Marked #3 Below).  Then you can press the three dots again to add a new message.



WebinarJam Chat Sticky




What Sticky Messages Should I Show During the Webinar?

During your Live Webinar you might need to remind your attendees about how to mark questions, when your question time is, or how to refresh.  You can add these both as comments during your webinar or set them up as sticky messages.  


Great Sticky for the start of the webinar

If you have Questions please click the bubble next to your comment to "Mark as question". - If you have video / audio issues, please refresh there's a button down below.  Or try another browser. There will be Q&A at the end of the broadcast.

Great Sticky for your Live Offer

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