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Products: Coupons


How to Add Coupons To Your Products

One of the great features Kartra provides is Coupons! Like any good payment processing system, Kartra comes with the ability to provide your users with coupons. The following article will serve as a step by step guide on how to configure your coupon options.

With coupons, you can decide on what types of discount offers you'd like to make available to your customers. These offers can exist year round, or be provided only during specific times (such as the holiday, etc).

Getting Started

To get to the Coupon settings you will want to go to "Sales & Products" -> "Products" -> "Coupons".

Then, you will want to click on "+ Coupon" on the bottom right hand side of the Coupons page. Your page will open up and will look blank until you add a coupon.

This option appears as a green plus sign.

After clicking the button, a box will pop up and you will need to fill in all the information that is required before clicking next.

The next steps within the article will take you through how to fill out this popup in order to fully configure your coupon. 


Basic Configuration

First, you will click "Select Funnel". The system will show a drop down menu where you will then pick your product. You will want to select the product you're wishing to add the coupon to. 

Next, you will enter the product information. 

Once you have selected the product and the funnel you will choose its price point. Select the drop down for the price point. The price point you select is up to you. 

Configuring Your Discount Price

Now, you'll setup your discount price.

First you will set the discount type up. Notice it gives you an amount or a percentage. Depending on what you choose you will then have to select a set amount or a percentage off. This choice is up to you depending on what type of discount you're wishing to provide to your customers. 

Applying the Coupon Code

This is where we will apply the coupon code. The information you configure here is what your customer will see and use to get your discount.

Next, we will apply the discount to the selected payment. You have the option to choose First Payment only or the First Few Payments.

Then, you can set a rule on the coupon. This is called your Exception. You do not have to set these up. They are optional.

Once you have set everything up you will want to click on Next. 



Coupon Availability

You will be asked who you want the coupon to be available to. You have two options to choose from. 
  1. All buyers.
  2. Certain referrals from affiliates only.

If you select only traffic from specific affiliates you will need to provide the affiliates in the setting, as shown below. 

Finalizing Your Coupons

After completing your Coupon setup, your finished product will appear under "Discount coupons". You can see an example of how these look below.

Making Edits to Existing Coupons

After creating your coupons, if you need to make changes you can do so on the Discount coupons page. Just click the pencil beside your desired coupon and edit what you need to.

You can also change and see specific information for each coupon you create.

To do so, select all products.

Once you have selected your product you can choose the funnels.You will also have the option to see through the other tab for whole funnels.