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Products: Link Tracking


Here on the tracking page is where you will set up tracking for all your products and counting them either by Clicks, to see how many people visited that page or also by Clicks and Goals, customers that visited and either opted in or made a purchase. You also can set it up by page tracking.

How will you set up your tracking?

  1. Adding a new tracking link
  2. Set up the link you need
  3. Set up what to track- clicks or Goals and clicks
    1. Clicks
    2. Goals and clicks
  4. Tags
    1. No tags
    2. Add Tags
  5. New Tracking links

You will first click on My Products then you will click Tracking. Once the tracking page loads it will look like the picture below.

First, you’ll want to setup the product to be tracked.

Click Track Link (Click Green plus sign).

Adding a new tracking link

  1. Fill in the name of the product
  2. Choose the category of the product
  3. Click Next


Set up the link

The next step is very important. This is where you will set on how you are tracking your clicks. You can always change it if you need to. Make sure when you pick the option in how you want to track you fill in all the information needed.

  1. Select the type of link External/Own Product/Kartra
  2. Fill your selection appropriately.
  3. Click next


Set up what to track- clicks or Goals and clicks

  1. Choose what to track, Clicks or Clicks and Goals (Labeled below)


A. It is simple to set up. If you want to only track the clicks there is nothing else, you need to do. This is only to see how many visitors you have and not their goals.

  1. Simply choose Track click only
  2. Click next

Click and Goals

B. If you choose to use click and goals. You have a little bit more information to put in.

Click Track Clicks and goals

  1. Set up type of goal. You can set Optin, Page Visit, Purchase. This will help you track how many and what type of clients you are attracting
  2. Click Trackable Event (drop down box)
  3. Click add Note:You can do this as many as times as you need to.
  4. Click Next



Here you have 2 options to set up. You can set up tags or no tags. This helps track your clicks and your products.

No Tags

If you do not want to add tags to the tracking Just simply choose no tags.

  1. Click no tags
  2. Click next

Add Tags

If you want to add tags simply choose add tags.

  1. Click add tags
  2. Click Select category (drop down)
  3. Click tag category or create new tag
  4. Click add Note: you can do this as many times as needed
  5. Click next

New Tracking link

  1. Click one of the 3 options.
  2. FIll in the appropriate information needed.
  3. Click create