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Kartra: What Does A Membership Look Like For Members?



What Does A Membership Look Like?

Probably the best example is the Kartra Academy.  When you joined Kartra, you became a member of the Kartra Academy.  This will allow you to look through a membership site as a customer 

Here you will find a growing library of training, help, ideas and even brain-dumps! This will help take your business to the next level, all while using Kartra platform.



What does A Membership Main Page Look Like?

From the Kartra Academy example below.  Here you can see the

Membership Categories are listed across the top 

  • Drop down menus will explain sub-categories (Marked #1 Below)

You can choose different things to put on the sidebar. below is the Post sidebar that allows your members to find the different posts under that particular sub-category.

Possible Sidebar Content:

  • New posts (Marked #2 below)
  • Host: Image and Social Media Links.
    • Currently limited to one host. We recommend using banners if you have more than one.
  • Banners: Image and Link to another page or URL
    • To use as a Host, create a page with all the information and social media URLs for that host.
  • Product: Which allows you to display a link to other products you offer.
Kartra Academy Dashboard Frank


What are the Icons on The Right?

  1. Search: This will allow your customers to search for specific articles by name. 
  2. My Profile: You customers can edit their profile. 
    1. See Profile below.
    2. They can change, their password, or email.
    3. This will only change the information within this membership.
    4. They can add their mailing address, but it will only change the information within this membership.
  3. SiteMap
    1. This allows your members to see all the content within your membership.
  4. Support
    1. If you have customer support enabled, this will send them to your customer support portal. 
  5. Logout
Kartra Academy Icons


Can Members Know What Training They Have Done?

Advise your customers to look for the little eye. Beside training they have looked at, you'll see the eye is "faded" or semi-transparent (Marked #1 Below) or for lessons they haven't looked at yet, it will be dark or solid (Marked # 2 Below).


Kartra Academy Dashboard Frank



Can Members Comment?

If you enabled comments, customers will be able to add comments to your posts.

They can even reply to each other, creating a threaded comment (See Below).

Kartra Members Comments



Can Members Change Their Username or Password?

Click the icon that looks like a person's head (Marked #1 Below). Click to see your profile.

  • Members can change their password.
  • Members can change their email.
  • Members can NOT change their username.

Here you can change your password (Marked #2 Below) or your email address for your Kartra Academy Membership.

NOTE: When your customer changes or adds information to their Membership profile it will change the information of that username (Below the user is Katie649af08).

Kartra Academy Profile


A Video Example of a Customer's Membership