Troubleshooting Pre-Recorded Video Problems

This article is for: Legacy WebinarJam Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)



With WebinarJam you have the power of switching between Live Mode and Pre-Recorded Video Mode.

Having trouble with a pre-recorded video?

Want to learn what to look out for so your hybrid webinar goes smoothly?

These are some frequently asked questions and common issues that come up. Read here to find out how best to prevent them.  


If you don't know how to add a prerecorded video read: How do I add a PreRecorded Video



I don't hear my video playing

Once you press Play, you'll see the video playing in your sidebar.  You will NOT hear the audio. You'll see a note on the bottom of your screen that says, "While video injection is running, your webcam and microphone signals will not be transmitted to your attendees. However, you may still interact with other presenters at any time."

NOTE: Your attendees will see the video in full screen and be able to hear it as intended. If they have the sidebar open, they are able to chat. With WebinarJam Live or YouTube Live as Webinar Providers, they will be able to see any polls and offers as well.

Want to hear the audio?

Under the video is a red dot over a speaker Icon, to hear your video's audio, click the icon (Marked #2 Below).


End the Video

If you wish, you can end the video early, simply by clicking the red "Exit Video and Go Back on the Air" button (Marked #3 Below).  Your audio and video will come back so that you can continue with the webinar. 





Can I use a Vimeo, S3 or other video?

You can use almost any link with MP4. However You MUST test this video before you go live. Be prepared to upload to YouTube if it doesn't play correctly. YouTube is highly recommended because it is encoded correctly. With MP4 videos the audio or video may have issues, or may not play at all. We highly recommend using YouTube to reduce audio and video issues.  




But what if I don't want this video on my YouTube channel?

We recommend uploading the video to Kartra, Vimeo, or Amazon S3 instead.  Be sure to test the video before doing your live webinar.




My Attendees didn't see the video, they saw me!

After you preview the video to confirm it works, be sure to press play. This is what makes the video play for your audience.


WebinarJam play Video




Why do you need the time?

The video time duration must match exactly to the URL time duration in your channel. This tells the video injection feature how long to suspend the sound and keep your camera off. Be sure to key in the video duration exactly as it appears in your channel, or the feature will not function properly.

This also creates a timer, so you can know how much time the video has left before it ends.

Which means you can see how much time you have to run and get a glass of water as necessary!




My YouTube video is showing recommended videos at the end!

Some videos show related videos even though our program is set up to hide them. Adding &rel=0 will prevent those videos from showing. Otherwise we recommend uploading the video to Kartra, Vimeo, or Amazon. 


  • So, for your webinar configuration, instead of putting this link in your video injection section:
  • Put this link




My video is showing in the middle!

If you've watched a portion of the video, YouTube will sometimes play it from when you left off, but your attendees will see the video from the beginning. 




I see the video gray box, and my attendees see my icon!

This video is set to "Private". YouTube videos will play, as long as they are set to Unlisted or Public. If you log out of your Google account and try your YouTube video link, you'll see an error message.

If you are worried about others seeing your video, mark it Unlisted so it won't appear on your channel, but will play during the video injection without issue.

See How to keep a Video Private





My Attendees see "Playback on other Websites has been disabled by the Video Owner"

In this case the video either has been deleted or has embedding disabled.


Confirming the issue.

Go to the YouTube URL. If you see see "This video has been removed by the user" then the video was deleted. If it was one of your own, and you did not delete it, then there is an issue with YouTube.



  1. To see if Embedding is disabled, click "Share" under the video (Marked #1 Below)
  2. Then click "Embed" (Marked #2 Below)
  3. If you see "Embedding disabled by request" (Marked #3 Below) you need to change the settings.

If it is your video, you can change the setting by going to Then click edit under the video click advanced settings and look for "allow embedding" be sure that box is clicked. 




I see the video, but my attendees see an X or "video removed by user"

This video was deleted. If it was one of your own, and you did not delete it, then there is an issue with YouTube.