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One Click Registration for EverWebinar

This Article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar 




What is a One-Click Registration Hotlink?

The One-Click Registration Hotlink is an advanced way to allow people who are already on your autoresponder mailing list to click one link to get quickly registered for your webinar.


How does the One-Click Registration Work?

The link must be sent through your autoresponder, with the shortcodes specific to your autoresponder being used for name and email.  So when the link goes correctly through your autoresponder it will automatically replace the name and email with the name and email from your list. Plus this has additional benefits:

  • People on your list are more likely to register for the webinar because they simply click a link in an email you send them. 
  • If you have a tagging system, you can tag that the person clicked the link.

This friction-free registration leverages your autoresponder to bypass the registration page and automatically register your subscriber to the webinar; however,  this will only work if the person is already on your email list.


How do I set up a one click hotlink?

Set up Your Webinar and Registration Page

You will still need to set up a registration page for those who are not currently on your list.  

NOTE: If you send the "One Click Registration" link by means other than your autoresponder they will be registered as whatever name and email code is in the link that person got.

NOTE: If the "One Click Registration" link does not have the right shortcode for your autoresponder it will not replace the name and email with the right code.

NOTE: If you require last name or phone number on your registration page, you will need to add that code to your One Click Registration Link.

NOTE: One Click Registration Links don't work with Kartra.



Where do I Find My One Click Registration Link?

You will need to go to My Webinars. You'll see it in the top menu.

Choose the webinar where you want to get the "One Click Registration" link and click the "Advanced Settings." (Marked #3 Below)


Getting Your One Click Registration Link

You will need to go to My Webinars. You'll see it in the top menu.

Choose the webinar where you want to get the "One Click Registration" link and click the "Advanced Settings." (Marked #3 Below)



One Click Variables

While a One Click link looks similar to the following, there are some differences.

yourlastname&[email protected]&countrycode=XX&phonenumber=1234567890&schedule=1

Difference between WebinarJam and EverWebinar

The WebinarJam link starts with https://events.genndi.com/auto-register?

The EverWebinar link starts with https://events.genndi.com/ew/auto-register? which includes /ew/. 


The next part of the code is Webicode  = the identifying code for your Webinar. This is generated automatically in the link and looks like  webicode=123456789.


The next part of the code is the MemberID  = the id you have as a a member. This is generated automatically in the link and looks like  memberid=1234567890123456789.

First Name

The firstname=yourfirstname& is required and gets the registrant's first name to add to your list. "yourfirstname" will need to be replaced with your autoresponder's shortcode.

Last Name

The lastname=yourlastname is optional but if it's been set as required, it must be used in the one click link. "yourlastname" if required will need to be replaced with your autoresponder's shortcode.


The [email protected] is required and gets the registrant's email to add to your list. "[email protected]" will need to be replaced with your autoresponder's shortcode.

Phone Number

The countrycode=XX&phonenumber=1234567890& is optional but if it's been set as required, it must be used in the one click link. "XX" and "1234567890" if required will need to be replaced with your autoresponder's shortcode.


The schedule=1 is required for most webinars as it adds someone to a specific schedule. If you've set up an ongoing series in WebinarJam, you will leave the schedule off. For a single presentation WebinarJam or EverWebinar you will need to select the schedule number for which you want them registered. See Add the Schedule Number below.



How do I Modify the One Click Hotlink Link for My Webinar?

One Click Registration you copied above contains last name and phone number. If you made these optional fields they are not required to be part of the One Click Registration.  So from this link from EverWebinar you would modify as following:

https://events.genndi.com/ew/auto-register?webicode=123456789&memberid=1234567890123456789&firstname=yourfirstname&lastname=yourlastname&[email protected]&countrycode=XX&phonenumber=1234567890&schedule=1

Last Name Not Required

If you don't require last name on your registration pages, you will want to remove &lastname=yourlastname. 

Phone Number Not Required

You will want to remove &countrycode=XX and &phonenumber=1234567890.  This means your code will look like

https://events.genndi.com/ew/auto-register?webicode=123456789&memberid=1234567890123456789&firstname=yourfirstname&lastname=yourlastname&[email protected]&schedule=1

Removing Both Last Name and Phone Number

https://events.genndi.com/ew/auto-register?webicode=123456789&memberid=1234567890123456789&firstname=yourfirstname&[email protected]&schedule=1



Modify the Link for Your Autoresponder

Next you'll need this document here:  Advanced One Click Registration

And look for your code for your autoresponder ...  

If your autorsponder is not in the document or your One Click Registration code is not working, then you will want to look for the unique email code and name code that your autoresponder uses and replace 

"yourname" and  "[email protected]"

With the appropriate code, some example codes are

name: {!name} OR {!firstname} or [fname] or ~Contact.FirstName~ 

email tag: {!email} or [email] or ~Contact.Email~

These you'll typically find in the shortcodes when you set up an email.



Schedule Number

NOTE: The schedule number will be different for WebinarJam than for EverWebinar.



For WebinarJam the default is 1 if you have one date / time schedule. 

If you are registering your user for a series of webinars, leave the “&schedule=1” off of the end of the link. Your customers will be registered for all of the webinars in the series.



For EverWebinar, things are a bit different. You can choose a specific day or session to register your people to by choosing the schedule number beside the day and time of that particular session.

From the image below, if you wanted people registered on Thursday at 11 AM, the schedule number you would use would be schedule=4 




Add to an Email

Once you have added your autoresponders' codes for the name and email and a schedule number if necessary, you can add the link to your newsletters and emails from your autoresponder. If you have added the correct shortcode the autoresponder will automatically fill in their name and email, and WebinarJam will have the information it needs.

Thus it becomes a "One Click link" as your people click the link and badda boom... they are registered :)

NOTE: If you do not see the number of registrants you expect along with a variation of "Firstname" and "[email protected]" displayed where registrant data should be, then it's likely the incorrect shortcode was sent out. If this is the case, then you will see several people registered as firstname and [email protected] during your webinar.



Sample Codes For Major Autoresponders

Below is the basic code again. Now we're going to look at some variations based on the Major Autoresponders, these may vary based on your own personal set up with the autoresponder. Check with your autoresponder for phone shortcodes.

https://events.genndi.com/auto-register?webicode=123456789&memberid=1234567890123456789&firstname=yourfirstname&lastname= yourlastname&[email protected]&countrycode=XX&phonenumber=1234567890&schedule=1

NOTE: Always check your Autoresponder for your specific shortcodes. The shortcodes below should work, but your particular set up may vary.


Active Campaign

Be sure to follow the Active Campaign Instructions on MergeFields however this should work:

  • firstname=%FIRSTNAME%
  • lastname=%LASTNAME%
  • email=%EMAIL%


Be sure to follow Aweber MergeFields, however this should work:

  • firstname={!name} or firstname={!firstname}
  • lastname={!lastname}
  • email={!email}

ClickFunnels and Actionetics

Be sure follow Clickfunnels Merge Tags, however this should work:

  • firstname=#FIRST#
  • lastname=#LAST#
  • email=#EMAIL#
  • phone=#PHONE#

Get Response

Check Get Response Merge Tags, but the following should work:

  • firstname=[[name]] or firstname=[[firstname]]
  • lastname=[[lastname]]
  • email=[[email]]


Read iContact's article on Merge Fields however this should work:

  • firstname=[fname]
  • lastname=[lname]
  • email=[email]



Be sure to follow the InfusionSoft Instructions on MergeFields. You should see:

  • firstname=~Contact.FirstName~
  • email=~Contact.Email~



Be sure to follow the MailChimp Instructions on MergeFields. You should see:

  • firstname=*|FNAME|*
  • lastname=*|LNAME|*
  • email=*|EMAIL|*



Be sure to follow the Ontraport Instructions on MergeFields as :

  • firstname=[firstname]
  • email=[email]