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Kartra Membership: Frequently Asked Questions

Membership: Frequently Asked Questions



Do I have to set up a membership with a product? If not, how do I give access to a free membership?

Whether you want to sell your membership or hand it out for free, you need to set up your membership site in the membership area. If you want to sell it, it must also be set up as a product.

However, if you want to grant free access to your membership site, do not set it up as a product. Instead, create an Opt-In form for your membership site, and configure the automations to grant access to membership on opt-in.



How Can I Resend a Member’s Login Information?

Navigate to “My Memberships” and click on “Members" (Marked #4 Here)

Kartra Members


Once there, you can view all your members. You can click the magnifying glass icon (Marked #1 Below) to search for a particular member. To resend login details to an individual, navigate to their name, and click the icon (Marked #2 Below) furthest to the right. It will instantly send them an email with all their login details.

Kartra Members Resend Login


How Can I Enable Threaded Comments?

In order to utilize comment threading, you will want to enable Comments for a specific post.

membership comments
Once you turn on comments, users will be able to comment to the post, and there will be an option to reply to any comments made.
Kartra Members Comments


What If I Want to Offer a Free Membership?

Create a Form. During the form creation, you can choose different automations. Set up the "Advanced Automation" (Marked #1 Below) to when "Lead Fills this Form" (Marked #2 Below).

Then you will choose "Grant Access to Membership" to your Membership program. You can then choose which level, (Marked #3 Below) so you can choose different membership levels for free users and charge for other users. 

Be sure to press add beside both lines, and then you can press confirm (Marked #4 Below).


Kartra Advanced Automation