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Affiliate: Actions


Working With Your Affiliates


Here you will view the list of your Affiliates and take any available actions. To perform an action, click the Action… drop down menu (Marked #1 below). To start, you will want to select the Affiliate(s) you want to work on. To aid you in locating a particular Affiliate, or group of Affiliates, you can search for an affiliate by name or you can use the filters to narrow your search. You can filter your Affiliates by Product, Status, Payment Status, and Trust.

Filtering Your Affiliates

Before any action can be taken, you must select the Affiliate(s) you need.

To search for a particular Affiliate, click the search icon (Marked #2 below). As you type a name, the field will produce results. When the Affiliate you are searching for appears, click the image.

You can also filter by clicking the Advanced Filters icon to the right (Marked #3 below). When you do so, it opens a new row of options to filter (Marked #4 below). When you make your filtering choices, click the blue Go button to the right (Marked #5 below) to apply the filter.


Taking Action

When you are ready to select your Affiliate(s), you will click the circle to the left of their name. In the case of a group of affiliates, you will select the top circle to select all of the affiliates. Once the Affiliates are selected, you will click the Actions dropdown menu and select the action you would like to take.