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WebinarJam: Customizing Your Countdown Page

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The Countdown Page is displayed to registrants if they go to your live webinar page before your webinar time. It will display a countdown timer to show how long before your webinar will actually be live.

If you choose a page with a video, then the "Welcome to the Webinar" video is a great addition.

The video reminds your attendees that streaming live video uses a lot of computer resources and internet bandwidth resources. And turning off any unnecessary computer programs that may impact video enjoyment such as Facebook, Google Drive or Dropbox.


Choosing a Countdown Page

The Countdown Page can only be customized if you are using the Full Configuration. Go to the Thank You tab (Marked #1 Below) and choose "Customize Your Countdown Page and process" ( Marked #2 Below).

NOTE: Changing the Webinar Name or Presenters after the Registration Page has been created will mean that you will need to manually change them.


To the far right is a scroll bar. You can scroll through all the Countdown Pages, use the up/down arrows on your keyboard, or advance your mouse's scroll button (Marked with an Arrow Below).

Preview or Choose

To preview a page, click the eye icon on the left bottom corner of the thumbnail image. Once you find one you like, click the middle of a Countdown Page to customize it(Marked #3 Below).



Customizing Your Countdown Page

This process is similar to customizing your Registration Page. You can edit color, text, styles, and video.

To edit the color of a section, mouse over the top right hand corner to find the edit pencil. Click it (Marked #1 Below).

To edit the text of a section, mouse over the upper right hand corner of the text where you will see a blue pencil or a red x. The blue pencil is for editing, the red x is for deleting (Marked #2 Below).


Changing the Countdown Page Background

Once you have clicked the pencil in the upper right corner to edit a page color, you will see a slide over screen appear. Choose between uploading a background image or picking a color. Simply flip the switch (Marked #1 Below) to image or color.

Background Image

Once you flip the background to the left for a background image, you'll see a button to upload a pic. Background images may need to be compressed. Maximum size is 500kb so it loads easily for registrants. Allowed images are JPG, GIF or PNG.


Because there are so many templates available, any one size may not be ideal.

The page auto-resizes the image to take up the max width/height of the internet browser, so the image must be large enough to fit a standard browser size. For most of these, however, a 1274x780 to 1600x900 will work. Make sure the image is properly compressed so it doesn’t take ages to load!

Various Devices

Because there are a wide variety of devices, monitor sizes, and browser sizing, if you have text or information, it may be covered by the clock or registration form.


If you want color, flip the switch to the right (Marked #1 Below).

Choose a color tint by choosing a spot on the color box (Marked #2 Below). Change the color by sliding the color bar up or down. Choose transparency by sliding the transparency up or down. The transparency slider looks like a checker board towards the bottom, where it's most transparent.

You can also type in a specific color code in the box (Marked #2 Below). For help choosing colors, we recommend:





Changing the Text

Mouse over the upper right corner of the text you wish to change until an edit pencil and red X appear (Marked #1 Below).

Click the Pencil Icon.

By clicking the pencil icon you can edit the text, change the font to bold or italics, change color of the text or change the font to a completely new one! Use the visual editor to modify however you like (Marked #2 Below).




Changing a Video

Mouse over the upper right hand corner until you see the edit pencil and red X. Click the pencil (Marked #1 Below).

Add the URL to your video. It should be an MP4 or YouTube video. YouTube is the easiest to use, as you won't have to worry about permissions, settings, or being inside another player.  

If you decide to use an S3 video, please read How to set up your S3 right.

The WebinarJam "Welcome to the Webinar" video is  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBtgFv_U44g




Adding Presenters

Depending on your page, once you've filled out a presenter they will appear as you see below. Click the pencil in the presenter box to edit.  Please see Adding Presenters on the Registration Page for additional help.

NOTE: Some Countdown Pages will simply display an icon and list the names of the presenters.




Finishing Up

Once your edits are complete, click "Actions" at the top right (Marked #1 Below).

Here, you have several options. Be sure to press Save if you want to preview. "Cancel and exit" will remove any edits you've made on this editing round.

If you're done with the page, press "Save and Exit" (Marked #2 Below).