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Kartra: Helpdesk: Creating a Wiki



What is a Wiki? Why should I have it?

A Wiki is a database your customers can use to get answers to questions they have about your product. You can include anything from instructions on how to use your product, training, even an FAQ.

With Kartra, you can create a wiki as part of your helpdesk. This will allow your customers to search for answers to their questions without needing to contact you directly. Not only will this save you time, but it allows your customers to feel as if their needs are a priority and are being met as quickly as possible. 


Getting Started with Adding a Wiki

Before creating a helpdesk or a wiki, we suggest you first have your products configured within My Products.

When you're ready to create a helpdesk, go to My Helpdesks (Marked #1 Below). 

From the top menu choose Helpdesk (Marked #2 Below). 

Then, either click edit on an exiting Helpdesk, or click New Helpdesk (Marked #3 Below). 

Kartra Helpdesk

Before we can get started creating a Wiki, you will first need to complete the Customize and Departments steps of the setup.

Don't worry!

You can always go back and edit these steps once they're completed. When you've finished "Customize" and "Departments", you will reach the Wiki step. 

NOTE: If you're unable to get the "Save and Next" button to activate, it means you first need to select the green "Confirm" option within the setup.

Adding Products to Your Wiki

Upon arrival to the Wiki step of the setup, add your products. This will let the customer know which products are supported by your wiki. 

Product Name

Enter in your product name (Marked #1 Below).

List each of these individually if they have different articles to support them.

You'll see in this example that WebinarJam displays below, as it has already been added. You want to use the public name of the product, as this will be what your customers recognize.


Be sure to click Add (Marked #2 Below) for each product you want to include. 


After you've added all your products, the "Confirm" button (Marked #3 Below) will save all your new information.

Kartra Products for the Wiki


Enabling a Support Wiki

To create a wiki for your product, edit your helpdesk. Then, go to Wiki (Marked #1 Below).  Under "Write a Support Wiki", choose to create the wiki for the product.

Kartra Products for the Wiki

Configuring Your Knowledgebase

If you choose to "Create a wiki knowledge base" (Marked #1 Below), you will need to create categories by pressing Add (Marked #2 Below). Then, create articles also by pressing Add (Marked #3 Below). 

Use the arrows beside the category names to sort your categories. We suggest you sort these alphabetically in order to make it easy for a user to follow along. 


Kartra Products for the Wiki

Creating New Categories

When you create a new category, you'll see a pop up similar to below. 

With this option, you can add categories to your Wiki for your customers to select based on their needs. For example, you can have a category for technical help, a category for billing help, a category for FAQs, etc. By sectioning these into separate categories you make your information more easily accessible to your users.

NOTE: The Category Name field is limited to 40 characters. The Category Description field is limited to 120 characters.

Category Name

Create a "category name" (Marked #1 Below) that will help your users find the content relevant to it.

Category Description

The category description (Marked #2 Below) will help customers know more about what they will find in that category.

After you've added your category name and description, press Create (Marked #3 Below).

Now you can start creating articles.


Kartra Products for the Wiki

Creating Articles

To create an article, return to your setup under "Write a Support Wiki".

There, select the category for your article. Once you're ready to create the article, you'll see a popup similar to below. You can switch between them by selecting the category name. 

When you have the proper category selected, click "Add" under "Articles". This will allow you to add an article to the selected category and create a popup like the one shown below.

NOTE: There is not the option to make sub-categories at this time. 

Let's go through the setup steps of adding an article. 

Article Title

We recommend creating your article title (Marked #1 Below) based on a commonly asked question, or using a title with keywords your customers are researching. 


From the Category section (Marked #2 Below), select one of your previously created categories from the drop down.

Article Body

You can customize your helpdesk article with the basic text editor (Marked #3 Below).

For example, you can add photos, videos, even links! These are joined by the regular options you'd expect from a text editor such as different fonts, font sizing, line spacing, alignment, numbering, etc.

To make your editor body larger click and drag the arrow in the lower right-hand corner of the editor. 

Article Tags

We recommend that you add any search terms your customers may use for Article Tags (Marked #4 Below). This will allow your customer to search for your article quickly instead of going through each category one at a time.

As mentioned, you will want to use key terms that match the article you're creating. So, if we're writing an article on how to get a refund, your tags would be: billing, refund, refunds, return, returns, and so on.

NOTE: For multiple tags, separate them using commas.


Some articles may only apply to one product, while others apply to several. Click the product or products (Marked #5 Below) this particular article covers.

Once you've finished setting up your article, the "Create" button in the upper right should be green. Be sure to click it to save your article.


Kartra Products for the Wiki


How do I see what my article looks like?

When you've completed your article and wish to see the final product, open your helpdesk as a customer would. You will then be able to open the wiki and view your article. 

NOTE: There is not a preview or publish privately option for the Wiki creator at this time.