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Kartra Dashboard Overview

What is Kartra?

Kartra is so much more than a shopping cart system. It's an all-inclusive, email marketing, list building, web-hosting, business management platform designed just for marketers! It does all these things - and more - while connecting each feature together in a single account for you to manage.

This is done in a goal-oriented manner, which can be different from many other platforms that focus on tasks.

To get more details, read the previous training: The Kartra Difference.

In this Training, you'll see basic information about the various parts of your dashboard.



Video Overview



Your Kartra Main Dashboard

The image below shows the main dashboard in Kartra. This is what you see when you first login. Here, you’ll find all your most vital stats at a glance and can navigate over to any section.



In the upper right, click the silhouette icon to edit your admin profile. This is important to do first, as it sets up your entire platform.

Kartra Profile  


What are the Kartra Dashboard Departments?

You can see the various Kartra departments in the image above.  Below is a short summary of each department in the order they appear inside your account.

Not every department needs to be set up right away. By following the modules featured in the quick start guide, you'll have a powerful start to getting to know and utilize the system.



"My Products", Why Does My Business Need This?

"My Products" is an incredibly important department. This is where you start making money with Kartra and why it's one of the main sections of the "Quick Start Guide". 

You can create multiple products, in a variety of types, including physical, digital, memberships and more. When you create your product you can choose one-time, recurring, or installment payments. And you can increase your sales by turning each product into multiple sales points by adding upsells and downsells.

The "My Products" department is about much more than just creating products. It is also about tracking links, coupons, and affiliates. That's not all, either. Sales are about numbers. In this section, you can create sales tax reports and use the analytics feature to check sales, affiliates, and various transaction types.


Build your Affiliate Army!

While you set up your product, you can set up your affiliates, because Kartra includes a built-in affiliate management system.

Choose to set commissions by dollar or percentage of each individual product. You can even pay commissions for new email subscribers, in addition to sales. Your affiliates can receive payments via Paypal, Check, or Bankwire, depending on your preference.

Screen potential affiliates with your own questionnaire and mandatory terms and conditions. Easily review and approve affiliates with a click, assign tags and lists to them upon signup for future promotions, and give them a login and affiliate link to get going. Finding affiliates can be done within the Kartra marketplace, which you can do during the product setup process.

Kartra Products


What is "My Communications"?

The key to growing your relationships with customers? Email. It is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your buyers.

That's why Kartra includes a robust email campaign system. Finely target your recipients with tagging and lists. Choose to send plain emails or customize one of Kartra's professionally crafted email templates. You can also have Kartra automatically assign tags to prospects to further segment them based on whether or not they open your emails and click on a link. Your email can be scheduled or sent immediately.


What about Sequences?

The Kartra Sequence Builder lets you easily build any size sales funnels — from the simplest to the most elaborate — just by dragging objects to a canvas and configuring them with the intuitive help wizard. In just minutes you'll have your first automated campaigns up and running to engage your customers.




What are "My Pages"?

Kartra comes with a fully-functional page-builder included!

Under "My Pages"  you can create lead generation pages to host your videos, sales pages, webinar registration pages, legal pages, thank you pages, and forms. Choose from dozens of templates for a variety of page types.

What if I want a Customized Page?

Use our drag-and-drop to customize your pages further or add pre-built components for text, images, countdown timers, opt-in forms, videos, and much more. Prefer to customize with HTML? You can do that too! Customize your background, layouts, images, and more with ease.

Want to add the page to your own site?

Grab the javascript code and insert the page on your own website.

Curious which page is better?

You can split-test your pages and set Kartra to automatically switch to whichever version converts the best. Use the analytics to learn even more about your pages.


Kartra Pages Templates


How Does "My Forms" Help My Business?

My Forms allows you to build your lists as leads. Fill out the opt-in forms and they can be added to a variety of pages, or even used with Kartra videos.

By using the Kartra Form building wizard you can customize what information is collected from your leads. Like with many other list builders, you can choose any page for your successful registration page, and customize your welcome email.

What if I want the form on another website?

You can choose to use in a Kartra page or get the HTML or Javascript code to add the form to your own page.

But, Kartra doesn't stop there. You can assign your new leads to lists, automatically add tags, or start them in sequences and much more.

  My Forms


Do I Need "My Memberships"?

With Kartra you have a complete Membership Portal management system. It is easy for you to deliver your content to paid and free members with separate membership tiers that easily allow you to choose different content and price points.

Design your membership portal with the drag-and-drop interface, including sharing files and embedding videos.  But videos aren't limited just to Kartra. You can embed videos from Vimeo, Wistia, and YouTube, as well.

What about DRIP?

Yes, Kartra allows you to drip your content to your members in a number of different ways.

Like the other departments in Kartra, with your members, you can assign tags, add them to lists or sequences and more. The analytics allow you to see how your membership sites are doing.



How Can "My Videos" Help My Business?

Video is one of your core marketing assets. And Kartra offers in-house video hosting that has fantastic benefits.

Once you upload your marketing and product content videos to Kartra, you can embed them anywhere — Kartra marketing pages, Kartra membership portals and your external websites, too.

Want your viewers to take action?

As you set up your video you can add opt-in forms, banners, captions, and buttons, and even "share on social to unlock," — at any point in the video you choose. This means your viewers can become your new leads.

And, like the departments above, you can add tags to your viewers for visiting a video page, watching (or not watching) a portion of a video, or executing a call to action. While automations are not part of this setup, the tags can instantly activate automations — email follow-ups, entry into a special offer funnel, list subscriptions, and more — to help turn your leads into your customers.

Check your analytics to see exactly how your videos are doing.



How Can "My Helpdesks" Help My Business?

Kartra includes a built-in, full-featured helpdesk that allows you to deliver spectacular support. The helpdesk includes a ticketing system to receive, assign and resolve support requests quickly.

What if I want customers to contact me outside of the support desk?

No worries, your helpdesk can offer your customers the ticket system, live chat, phone support or Skype.

What if I want customers to reach me from a page?

You can place a "Need Help?" hovering button on any of your Kartra-hosted sales pages and checkouts that connects your customers straight to your Helpdesk. You can also add a button to your membership pages that will send your customers right to support.

What if my customers have frequently asked questions, or they need a guide?

Turn their questions into a wiki, and your customers can browse through to search for answers on their own. Create articles that can guide them through the more involved processes. Plus, since Kartra is all-in-one you have your own wiki of the customer's history at your fingertips: support requests, purchases, communications, and more.

Use Kartra's automations to capture customers as leads, assign tags, and subscribe people to lists and sequences.



How Can "My Integrations" Help My Business?

Kartra has a variety of integrations that help bring additional functionality.

You have a choice of four payment gateways, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and Authorize.Net, which is great for your customers.

What if I have more than one PayPal?

If you have more than one account with a particular payment gateway, you can add it. When you set up your product you simply choose which account or payment gateway you want to use for that product!

Kartra has Kartra Mail for no additional costs (Setting it up is part of the quick start guide.) But if you want to use your own SMTP service to send your emails, you can. Just add it here.

But what if my customers like texts?

SMS is another avaiable integration.

What if I don't want to move my existing Membership?

Memberships can take a long time to set up, so if you've already created a Membership site you don't need to move it to Kartra. Integrate it with Kartra, and members can be added to your existing program.


Kartra Email Integrations


How Can "My Affiliate Promos" Help My Business?

You can also become an Affiliate for the products of other Kartra users!

In the My Affiliate Promos section, find products you’re interested in promoting and apply to be an affiliate. Some products even allow you to become a JV Broker (Joint Venture Broker),  which allows you to help build their Affiliate Army and you get a percentage of income from each of those affiliates.

With Analytics you can track all of your affiliate sales to see which promotions make you the most revenue.

My Affiliate Promos


Analytics, Tagging, and Automation... oh my!


Kartra integrates the data from its complete set of tools to bring everything you need for marketing analytics at a glance. And each department has an "Analytics" tab to tell you more.

You can know how well each email performed... how well each Kartra page is converting... check your video analytics...

How about all of your sales — both direct and through your affiliates... all of it right at your fingertips!

You can see the analytics of a broadcast email below.


Tagging and Automations

In each section, you'll see mention of Tags and Automation. Various setup wizards like product creation, to emails, forms, memberships, videos, and more will allow you to add tags or set up automations. These two allow the marketing magic to happen and help to allow you more freedom as your marketing becomes automatic.


So what is the difference between Tags and Automation?

First, tagging is something familiar on many platforms. Tags allow you to add specific details to individual contacts in your email list (such as which customers purchased product A, product B or both). These tags can be added manually, or via automation.

Automation is a set of rules that are automatically applied based on user behavior. Automation can make your email lists and follow-up sequences personalized and detail-oriented without the need for constant attention to those details.


Full Analytics



Wow... Now What?

Kartra is big, and it does have a lot of moving parts. 

The next step is filling out your profile, then setting up your Kartra Mail. And then we'll move into using some of the departments above.