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WebinarJam: START HERE WebinarJam Training Resources

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I just bought WebinarJam... what now?

Taking the first step when getting started with any new program can be a challenge. We've created WebinarJam with the user in mind! Not only is it a powerful software with lots of features that make your webinars amazing, but it's also intuitive and easy to navigate. We've set out to provide you with all the information you may need in order to get started. 

Within this article, you'll find a variety of training materials in several formats to ensure you get the most out of your WebinarJam subscription.

We highly recommend going through these, along with our other articles, to quickly get on the path to hosting awesome webinars. 


Section Videos

These are useful if you want video help setting up the various WebinarJam sections.

The Quick Start video, shown below, is the first tutorial you see when you login to WebinarJam.


Each section of WebinarJam comes equipped with a video guide! You'll see a screenshot of where to click for these videos below.

This video will explain the basics of setting up that section of your webinar.

NOTE: As WebinarJam is constantly improving, things in the video may look slightly different. You may notice some interface changes, but the steps will likely be the same! 

WebinarJam Video




Step by Step Start Guide

If you are just starting out and want a handy guide on running your first webinar...

Jamming with Friends is an incredible step by step quick start guide. In it you will learn how to use Express Configuration for your WebinarJam, how to go live, invite your friends to become presenters, and some favorite things to review after your webinar. We created this guide to get you up to speed on how to use WebinarJam for all of your needs. 




Articles about WebinarJam

If you want detailed info on a WebinarJam feature...

Our WebinarJam Knowledgebase is an ever growing library of detailed articles. Many of the articles include not just instructions but some explanation on what the purpose is for your webinar. We've also included numerous screenshots for easy assistance and explanation. 

We strongly recommend that you test your webinar BEFORE you do a live webinar. 

Testing your webinar will allow you to become familiar with the system, and practice speaking with your audience and presenter. There's never any time wasted when running a test, as it can only benefit you, and the quality of your webinar content!

Additional articles that can be of benefit if you are starting out:




Checklists: Keep Your Webinar On Track

If you want an easy to follow list to remind you of all the steps...

Starting and running a webinar can already seem a bit daunting before adding additional steps to make your webinar even better. In order to assist you in subverting these feelings, we've created even MORE helpful guides for you. These checklists help you plan your webinar, coordinate with Co-presenters, and even some marketing steps to help your webinar run smoothly. The checklists can also be printed off to use on any webinar you create!




Ask questions, we're here for you!

If you have a question or just want additional information....

Live Chat

When Live Chat Agents are available you should see a popup appear inside the WebinarJam Knowledgebase. These agents are ready to help you live! Our Live Agents are normally available 9 am; to 5 pm Pacific Time.


Or you can send our Team a detailed ticket. Our knowledgeable staff know WebinarJam inside and out and are available night or day!

Weekly Q&A Webinar

Another great resource is our weekly Q&A webinars. You'll get a wealth of useful info and learn WebinarJam from our marketing team. You can register for it, as well as see prior replays here.




Advanced Webinar Education

If you want to learn how to use the power of Webinars to rocket your profits...

Check out these courses designed to get you marketing like a pro: