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START HERE WebinarJam Training Resources

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There are a few places to find training on WebinarJam. One of the best places to find training is right after you open WebinarJam. You'll be taken to a welcome screen that has the following video.


Inside the member's area, under New Webinar Tutorial, there is a full tutorial video of the process of setting up a new webinar. In addition, each step contains an instructional video at the top of the page.
In addition to live chat support available at this page, we have a Q&A webinar every Tuesday.  You can register for it, as well as see prior replays here.


We also have a quick guide to setting up your webinar. We strongly recommend that you do at least a couple sessions with friends so you can relax and test.

Jamming with Friends

Also be sure to check out these courses to help you with webinars


Following the steps here to starting your webinar will ensure a smooth experience each time!


We strongly recommend that you test your webinar BEFORE you do a live webinar. 


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Visit our Webinar marketplace, where you can see how hundreds of people are using WebinarJam Studio: http://app.webinarjam.com/ondemand
Finally, you can consult this knowledgebase. We are building up our frequently asked questions on a daily basis, and you're very likely to find your answers here.
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