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WebinarJam: Sit Tight / Webinar Owner Not Logged In


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Are you, your presenter or WebinarJam attendees are getting "Sit Tight" as seen below or "Webinar Owner has not logged in"? 

This screen appears in a couple different situations, and these are explained below 





Sit Tight Screen






Test or Go Live Webinar

Confirm that both you and your fellow presenters and/or moderators are in the same webinar as you. This includes making certain everyone is using either the Test link if the Webinar Owner is... or "Go Live" if the Webinar Owner is using the "Go Live" Link. 



Test or Go Live Solution

While the "Test Your Webinar" button will create a clone of your webinar, but this is an entirely different webinar than your live webinar link.  So you want to make certain all your co-presenters, moderators, and attendees are in the same webinar.


You want to use the "Test Your Webinar"  Button to create a test for you as the webinar owner to test your webinar. Confirm that the popup with the links says "Test Webinar" (Note: in the image below it says Webinar Live) then mail the link to any test attendees, and the correct links to the co-presenters and moderators.  If anyone goes to a live link while you are on a test webinar, they will see the "Sit Tight" Screen.  Or vice-versa if you are in the a Go Live Webinar and your co-presenter used a Test webinar link.



You want to mail out the "Go Live" webinar link so attendees can sign up for the real webinar. (Marked #3 Below)


When it's time for your webinar, the Webinar Owner needs to use the "Go Live" button (Marked #1 Below), and get the  the Live Room link from the Presenters on the Webinar Live Popup (Marked #2 Below). The Co-presenters will use their Live Room links, and Moderators will use their "Control Panel" links.  This helps everyone get on the same webinar!










In JamSession.



If Everyone Sees Sit Tight

If you are certain everyone is on the correct webinar, but your co-presenters and attendees see sit tight, please be sure that you have:

  1. ​Selected a schedule (Marked #1 Below)
  2. Pressed "Enter Room" (Marked # 2 Below)
  3. Be sure to follow the Start Event steps in the next section as well.




If Everyone Sees Sit Tight

If your co-presenters are in the room with you, but attendees see sit tight, you need to start the event.  With JamSession, you are not live until you have pressed the green phone button, indicated below with "Go Live when you're ready"

Press the Green Phone. (See below the image)




After pressing the phone you'll have a pop up appear that asks "Start Event" Select Yes.  

You are not live until after you press this button.  "Live" will appear briefly at the bottom. 



Everyone should see you live within 30 to 45 seconds of pressing the "Yes" Button.








Pre Webinar Checklists


Here are our documentation and step by step instructions to starting your webinars. You can even send the presenter link to your co-presenter for their reference: