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WebinarJam: Email Me Each Time Someone Registers

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Can I Be Emailed Each Time a New Registration Comes In?

At this time, WebinarJam does not have a built-in method for emailing you a notification when a new registrant is added to your Full Registrants List. However, this is possible with Zapier. This feature is a bit advanced, but we've created a guide to assist you with this process should you decide to configure it. Please note this is a basic guide for sending an email to a general email and Gmail only.

NOTE: This article is similar to our Zapier Integration Article, which focuses more broadly on configuring an integration with Zapier.


Information From Zapier

Zapier is a 3rd party program used for automating tasks. Refer to the following articles in the Zapier Knowledgebase for information on how to set up your Zaps.


ONE TIME: Generally, Zapier does not have a mechanism to keep items in sync after they have run through a Zap one time. Think of Zapier as a one-way one-time pipe right now.

BEFORE TURNED ON: Zaps will not be able to see data that was created before your Zap was turned On. They are meant to trigger data that has been newly added. See Move Existing Data


Getting Started

First, if you haven't already, establish connection with Zapier. They've provided a link that allows you to do this quickly.

Click below:

Connect Zapier with WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

You'll see a screen like this. Please click the "Create this Zap" button.


Select a Trigger

On the next screen, "Select WebinarJam Staging Trigger". You may need to press "Show Less Common Options" (Marked #1 Below).

You're searching for the New Registration option. Select this.


Connect with WebinarJam

You will be taken to a screen that allows you to select your WebinarJam account.

  1. If you are already connected, choose your account (Marked #1 Below).
  2. Press Test to confirm it's working.
  3. Connect an Account (Marked #2 Below).

When you select "Connect an Account", a popup will appear (See Below) that will ask you to "Allow Zapier to access your WebinarJam Account?"

You need your WebinarJam API key to connect. Please read WebinarJam API Key

You will be taken back to the screen above.



Select a Webinar

Choose the webinar you wish to configure this integration with. You will be taken to a screen with a drop down menu (Marked #1 Below).

The drop down shows a list of webinars.

You'll see the Webinar Code or Webicode listed beside each Webinar Name (Marked #2 Below).


Test WebinarJam

Zapier will test the integration by fetching an existing person that meets your trigger requirements. In this case, WebinarJam is set up to send a sample of "Joey Millner email: [email protected]".

Press Fetch & Continue.


If your test is successful, Zapier will say, "We'll use this as a sample for setting up the rest of your Zap."

The information should display Joey's data.

Zapier Sample


Add Action Step

Adding an Action Step shows a screen similar to below.

Zapier Action Request


Choose Action App

Zapier has a wide variety of "Built in Apps" on this screen. Scroll down to see "Popular Apps".

The best way to find your app is to start typing the app name in the box that says, "Search hundreds of applications." Zapier has 750+ integrated apps. Visit Applications on Zapier to search for integrated apps.

Zapier Gmail


Choose Action

With over 750 applications and action steps varying per Application, we've chosen to cover two common email action steps (See the Top for additional suggestions).


Gmail Action

If you have a Gmail or Google Based email account (any email account that allows you to login via Gmail.com), you would select Gmail as the application.

After you choose Gmail, you will see a screen similar to below. Select "Send Email" (Marked #1 Below).

Then press "Continue" at the bottom of the screen.

Zapier Gmail Send


If you have more than one Google Email connected, choose from which email you want to send your notifications.

If you don't have your Gmail connected, select connect and follow the steps provided.

Then press "Continue" at the bottom of the screen.

Zapier Gmail Send


The next screen is your email set up. At the top, choose which email to send your email to, which can be the same email you used above.

Zapier Gmail Setup


Scroll down a bit and choose an email subject. Click the list button to the right to add information from the registrant.

Next is plain or HTML text.

The Body is a great place to add any of the information you need. You can type in the Webinar Title you are using in this Zap, then click the list button to the right to add in the registrant's email, name or any other information you wish to include.

Zapier Gmail Setup

After you press continue, you can choose to toggle your Gmail Zap on.



Email Action

Getting a registrant email notification is popular option, as this sends you an alert when a registrant performs a specific action. This particular set up is through the Zapier Email and allows you to send to any email.

Choose either email or your email application.

With Zapier mail, choose to send an outbound email.

With Gmail choose "send email" from the application screen (this may vary based on your email application).

On the next screen, choose to whom you want to send the email, what your subject is, and other email related entries.

Each line offers a dropdown on the right side (Marked #1 Below).

Choose one of the Webinar attendee field options (Marked #2 Below) and that information will be added to your email. It will appear in the box with the field you added (Marked #3 Below).


Toggle On

Once you have finished setting up your actions, you will need to Toggle On your zap.

You should see "YOUR ZAP IS"... the toggle should be green and say "On".



You're done!!*

*Of course this depends on what particular set of integrations and actions you wanted.

Go back to the dashboard to see what WebinarJam or other Zaps you have. Zapier Dashboard