How do I share my screen?

This article is for WebinarJam.


You can let other people see what’s on your computer screen by using Screenshare.

You can show your whole screen, or a particular window. Documents, websites, presentations, videos, or anything else you can display on your computer screen can be shared with your audience.  Your guests will be able to see you type, move items, and interact with anything as you would normally on the computer.


In WebinarJam.

To Screenshare, please press the Screen icon marked #3 Below


WARNING: If you are playing an injected video, please wait until the video is done before pressing Screenshare.


Choosing What to Share

In Google Chrome:

In the window that appears,

  1. Choose "Application Window" (Marked #1 Below)
    • ​if you choose "Entire Screen" you will see the fun-house effect of the screen mirroring to infinity.  
  2. Choose whichever application, program or presentation you'd like to share.  In this case I shared a PowerPoint. (Marked #2 Below)

If your program does not appear, make certain it's not minimized. 


In Firefox:

It looks a little different, but works about the same. You will see a drop down appear from your browser. From there, select the option you want to display.  If you find that the screen you want to display doesn't appear in Firefox, we recommend that you try Chrome. 

How Screenshare Displays

The Screenshare will maximize. Other presenters will become thumbnail videos at the bottom.
NOTE: Sharing your screen and a video of you is not possible with JamSession. You can achieve similar results by using two computers with their own webcam. One computer will display the Screenshare, and the other screen can be used to record you.


Make whatever you are displaying 1/4 of your screen for the best experience for you and your attendees.  This prevents the image from distorting and allows you to see your WebinarJam screen.

To Stop Screensharing

Click the Screenshare button in your toolbar at any time to stop the Screenshare. Be sure to also click the camera icon to turn your camera on. It defaults back to "off" for privacy issues.  



PowerPoint and Keynotes Suggestion

Create your PowerPoint in the 16x9 aspect ratio. It fills the screen better. Please note the address bar still displays.  

  1. Go to "Setup Slideshow" and choose the option to play in an individual window.
  2. When you're ready to show the presentation, click "Slideshow" and "From Beginning" in PowerPoint. It allows the whole show run in that window and removes the thumbnail images on the left. This provides a better experience for your users.
NOTE: For presentations, we strongly recommend a suggestion from our sales page as one of the best ways to display a PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation with videos, sound or special effects, during your live webinar. Pre-record the whole event as a video and when you're ready to begin the presentation, simply click on the Play button and let the video do the presentation for you while you sit back and relax. Not only it will be less stressful for you, but also less risky since you can edit your video file to perfection!