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Affiliate: Settings


Viewing Your Affiliate Settings

After setting up your affiliates, you may want to view your affiliate settings. This article will inform you on the options within your affiliate settings.


Edit Your Affiliate Settings

There are seven Setting options. Each of them can be edited independent of the others. To edit a setting, click Change in the upper right next to the title. Upon completion of changes, click Save in the upper right next to the title.

Affiliate Approval

This setting allows you to choose between Auto Approving all affiliates or Manually Approving them. If you set it to "Auto approval", all affiliate links will be active immediately, and therefore anyone will be able to promote your products without having to get approved. Whereas, if you set it to "Manual Approval", all affiliates request to promote your product will remain as pending until you review and approve them. Until then, their affiliate links will not be operative. You only need to approve an affiliate once (for the first product they promote for you). Once approved, an affiliate will be able to promote your other products without having to get approved again.

PayPal Instant Payments

This setting allows you to either Automatically Approve PayPal Instant Payment for all approved affiliates, or Manually Approve it. PayPal instant payments allows the system to immediately and automatically pay the affiliate his commission when an order is placed using PayPal. That means that you don't have to manually send payments to your affiliates. Conversely, in case of a refund, the system will automatically retrieve the funds from the affiliate's PayPal account.

Note: We strongly recommend you to only activate PayPal Instant Payments for affiliates you know and trust. Otherwise, you could potentially expose yourself to affiliate fraud.

Product-specific vs. Account-wide

This setting will define whether an affiliate cookie is account wide or product by product. If it is set to Account-Wide, the affiliate will receive credit regardless of what product the visitor buys. If it is set to Product by Product, the affiliate will only receive credit for the specific product the link refers to.

Minimum Amount of Sales

This setting is the threshold for the amount of sales required before an affiliate is paid their commission. If it is set to No Minimum, affiliates won't need to score a minimum amount of sales to receive payments. Otherwise, affiliates must score a minimum amount of sales before releasing their commissions. When you select this setting, you must enter a the desired threshold for minimum amount of sales.

Require The W9 or W8BEN Tax Form

This setting is of particular import for US citizens. It is used as a security measure. If you are in the US, the IRS may require you to issue a 1099 tax form to each of your US-based affiliates and independent contractors. Because you might need them to sign and return a W9 or W8BEN form for you, you can prevent affiliates from being paid until you have a record on file.

You can choose to withhold payment until they fill out the form, or you can choose to allow affiliates to get paid even if they haven't filled in their tax form.

Mandatory Terms & Conditions

This setting is used to designate whether it is required for an affiliate to accept Terms & Conditions. If you choose to make it mandatory, a word processor will open allowing you to outline the Terms & Conditions.

Affiliate Sign Up Questionnaire

This setting is used in case you want to know more about your affiliates, you can have them fill out an obligatory questionnaire before they can submit their approval request to promote your product. This might help you determine which affiliates to approve and which ones to block.