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WebinarJam: The Registration is Not Going to the Thank You Page

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This can happen for a few reasons.

Autoresponder Issues

The most common ones being you're asking for both first and last name or there is Javascript in your integration code. While it might "work" as far as adding name and email to your list, it also may not. Because this information is not permitted in the integration guidelines, including it in your code will break your registration.

Depending on the browsers used and their individual settings, some guests may successfully get registered or added to your mailing list, but not both and they'll most likely not receive their Thank You page, instead getting hung up after entering their information, as you're experiencing here.

Please re-create your html form code exactly as instructed in the article specific to your autoresponder, repaste the new code into your webinar set-up, Proceed to Next thru to finish, and let's see if that doesn't get you all set.

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iFrame Issues

An iFrame Redirect, almost always breaks our registration form. You can recognize an iFrame Redirect by the fact that the URL does not change after the page loads.  Instead use one of our Redirect Recommendations.

It also does not work if you have inserted our registration page into a page via iFrame, if you want to have the registration on your website, we recommend that you simply embed our custom registration button.