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WebinarJam: Password Protection

This Article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar:




Can I use a Password Protection on my webinar?

You have the option to require a password for your webinars.

This means in order to join a webinar, your attendees will need to enter a password they've received via email.

NOTE: Be sure to add the shortcode #PASSWORD# to your email notifications. We recommend adding a sentence such as, "Below is your password to enter the webinar. Keep this information handy, or watching the webinar will not be possible." 

NOTE: Password Protection will be on both the live webinar and replay, unless you turn Password Protection off.




How can I add Password Protection?

Edit a webinar you've already created. Be sure to use Full Customization.

Click the Registration Tab (Displayed Below).

Choose "Password Protection".


Choosing to Require a Password

Once you choose "Password Protection", you'll see additional options.

Your first option is "No Password" or "Password Required". Which option is best? That depends on many factors.  No Password means no password for attendees to keep track of, or worrying if they lose it. But a password adds additional security.





Password Required Options

After you decide "Password Required" you will see two more options.

Master Password

This option is easy to remember and share if someone loses their password.  Please use only numbers and letters, no spaces or symbols. You can use up 25 characters.  Capital letters do NOT make a difference.


  • Easy password to remember if someone loses it.
  • You can add your Password to your notification emails or use #PASSWORD#
  • Adds another layer of security to your webinars.


  • Someone could share the password




Unique Password

This option provides each attendee with their own, unique password.  It is VERY important that you add the #PASSWORD# shortcode to the webinar notification emails so attendees will know what their password is.


  • Additional security. Attendees must use the exact same email and password as when they registered.
  • Great way to limit who attends the webinar.


  • You will have to be sure to create multiple emails that include the Password shortcode.  You want to be sure attendees have multiple chances to see the password.
  • If an attendee loses their password it can not be reset or resent.





What if I Remove the Password Requirement?

If you wish to remove a password, you may.  Users who sign up after the password requirement is removed will have access.

Many users will choose to have the live webinar password protected and then can remove the password requirement for the replay, so anybody with the link can access the recorded event.