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Kartra: Integration with WebinarJam or EverWebinar

Please Note: When we refer to WebinarJam in this article, unless we state otherwise, we’re referring to WebinarJam AND EverWebinar. Additionally, because the control panel designs for WebinarJam and EverWebinar are so similar, screenshots are only taken from WebinarJam.

So, you’re a Kartra user AND a WebinarJam (WJ) user? Congratulations! You’re clearly a highly-discerning consumer. Now let’s get these babies talking to each other.

In this article, we’ll cover three smart techniques that are only possible when you link Kartra with WJ or EverWebinar. Specifically…

  • How to use Kartra to create improved webinar registration pages.
  • How to put WJ registrants into your Kartra autoresponder.
  • How to use Kartra to send “smart” emails, based on WebinarJam activity.
These great features are only possible when you integrate Kartra and WJ, but fortunately, the process is delightfully straightforward. This article is a step-by-step guide to the process, so give it a try. But, as always, if you have any questions or run into any problems, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Getting Started: Kartra and WebinarJam Integration

Kartra, for all intents and purposes, already has WJ integration built in, so the setup only requires adding your Kartra API to WJ.

Step One: In Kartra, go to the “My Integrations” (1) area, select “API” (2) from the top menu and then “API” (3) from the drop-down menu.

Image001 Kartra My Integrations API API Step Two: Make a note of your Kartra API Key and API Key Password.

Image002 Kartra API Key And API Password


Step Three:

In WJ, go to “My Account,” (1) select “Integrations” (2) and go to the “Autoresponders” (3) section (this is usually the first section to appear, by default).

Image003 WebinarJam My Account Integrations Autoresponders

Step Four:

Click on the Kartra logo (1), enter your Kartra API Key (2) and Kartra API Password (3), and hit the “Connect” button (4).

Image004 WebinarJam Kartra Logo Enter Kartra API Key And Password Click Connect Button Step Five:

If the Kartra API has been successfully connected, a check mark appears next to the Kartra logo.

Image005 WebinarJam Karta Logo With Green Tick

How to use Kartra to create improved webinar registration pages

 Step One:

Create a new webinar inside WebinarJam. You don’t need to fully customize every element yet, but you need to get to the point where the new webinar is saved and appears inside the “My Webinars” section. Click on the “Advanced Settings” button (1).


Image006 WebinarJam My Webinars Advanced Settings Step Two:

Select “API custom integrations” (1) on the right-hand side and make a note of your “Member ID” (2) and “Webicode” (3).

Please Note: The “Member Id” number may be longer than the field in which it is displayed. You will likely find it easier to highlight the number with your mouse cursor and copy and paste it somewhere safe.

Image007 WebinarJam Advanced Integrations API Custom Integrations Copy Member Id And Webicode

Step Three:

In Kartra, in the “My Pages” (1) section, click the green “Create new page” button (2), and create your WJ registration page using any of the Kartra-specific web page-building features you wish.

Image008 Kartra My Pages Create New Page Button

Step Four:

Your newly-created page must include a button that the visitor must click if they wish to register for your webinar. Edit the button by clicking on the pencil icon (1) and then, from the left-hand menu, select “Link” (2), “Pop a webinar registration form” (3), and then WebinarJam (4).

Image009 Kartra Edit The Register Button Select Link Select Pop A Webinar Registration Form

Step Five:

Enter the “Member ID” (1) and “Webicode” (2) for the webinar you’re promoting (see Step Two) and hit “Apply” (3). Once the page is published, clicking on the “Register” button will open the corresponding WJ registration form.

Image010 Kartra Enter MEMBER ID And WEBICODE Click Apply Button

NOTE: This feature is purely for customizing your webinar registration page and will not add your webinar registrants to your Kartra autoresponder. See below for instructions on how to link your webinars to your Kartra autoresponder.


How to put WJ registrants into your Kartra autoresponder

 Step One:

Make sure you’ve added your Kartra API Key to your WJ account (see the first section in this article – “Getting Started: Kartra and WebinarJam Integration”).


Image011 WebinarJam Add Kartra API Key And Password Step Two: In Kartra, go to the “My Campaigns” (1) area, go to “Leads” (2), select “Lists” (3) and click on the green “Create new contact list” button (4).

Image012 Kartra My Campaigns Leads Lists Create New Contact List Button

Step Three:

Create a name for the list (1), a public name for the list (2), and then click the green “Next” button (3).

Image013 Kartra Name Of List Public Description Green Next Button

Step Four:

Next, still In Kartra, go to the “My Communications” (1) area, go to “Leads” (2), select “Tags” (3) and click on the green “Create new tag” button (4).

Image014 Artra My Campaigns Leads Tags Green Create New Tag Button Step Five:

Enter a name (1) and description (2) for your Tag. If you don’t already have a suitable category for your tag, you can create it from within this form (3). Finally, click on the “Create” button (4).

Image015 Kartra Tag Name Tag Description Category Green Create Button

Step Six:

In WJ, create (or edit) your webinar, and select “Full Configuration.”

Image016 WebinarJam Edit Webinar Full Configuration

Step Seven:

Navigate to the “Integrations” (1) section and click the pencil icon next to “Email autoresponder integration” (2).

Image017 WebinarJam Integrations Email Autoresponder Integration Edit Button Step Eight:

Click on the Kartra logo.

Image018 WebinarJam Kartra Logo

Step Nine:

Under the “IF THIS HAPPENS” header, select the trigger event: “When they register.”

Image019 WebinarJam If This Happens Menu When They Register

Step Ten:

Under the “THEN DO THIS” header, select “Add to List” from the first menu (1), in the second menu select the list (2) you created in Steps 2-3, and then click the “Create integration rule” button (3).

Image020 WebinarJam Then Do This Header Add To List Menu Create Integration Rule Button

Step Eleven:

Repeat Steps 9-10, but this time select “When they register,” (1) “Add Tag,” (2) and then the tag (3) you created in Steps 4-5. Again, click the “Create Integration Rule” button (4), to confirm the new rule.

Image021 WebinarJam If This Happens Menu When They Register Then Do This Menu Add Tag Create Integration Rule Button

If this process is completed correctly, WJ will show the rules you created below the form.

Image022 WebinarJam IF This THEN That

And registrants to your webinar will be added to your Karta autoresponder with the corresponding tag.

Image023 Kartra Leads Corresponding Tag And List


How to use Kartra to send “smart” emails, based on WebinarJam activity

 Step One:

Follow the steps in the above section, “How to put WJ registrants into your Kartra autoresponder,” but create multiple tags, one for each significant customer action.


Image024 Kartra Leads Tags

Step Two:

In WJ, create an integration rule as per Steps 9-11 in the previous section. After clicking the “Create Integration Rule” button, keep adding additional “IF THIS HAPPENS” rules based on the tags you want to be connected to specific actions.

DON’T FORGET to add a rule that adds new webinar registrants to your autoresponder list (1).

Image025 EbinarJam IF When They Register THEN Add To List Step Three:

In the “My Communications” (1) section of Kartra, select “Campaigns” (2), “Broadcasts” (3), and then click the green “create new broadcast” button (4).

Image026 Kartra My Campaigns Campaigns Broadcasts Green Create New Broadcast Button Step Four:

Enter a name for your broadcast (1), select (or create) an appropriate category (2), and click the “Create” button (3).

Image027 Kartra New Broadcast Broadcast Name Category Create Button

Step Five:

Select “Send by email” (1), click the green “Save” button (2), and then click “Save and next” (3).

Image028 Kartra Account Communication Gateway Send By Email Save Button Save And Next Button

Step Six:


In the “Recipients” section, click on the first drop-down menu, scroll down, and select “Subscribed to list…”

Image029 Artra Recipients Subscribed To List… Menu Subscribed To List

Step Seven:

In the second drop-down menu, select the list to which your webinar is connected.

Image030 Kartra Select List… Menu

Step Eight:

Click the “Add button (1) and then repeat the process for every action-related tag you want to apply. For instance, you could send an email to every registrant who attended your webinar but didn’t make a purchase.

Image031 Kartra Select List And Tag Rules

Step Nine:

Click the “Save and Next” (1) button to confirm your setup (if the button is greyed out, this is because you don’t have any leads that fit the criteria you’ve set).

DON’T FORGET to include a rule that includes a specific list (2). Sending a broadcast that only specifies tags is risky because you could be sending emails to leads that have previously unsubscribed.

Image031 Kartra Select List And Tag Rules

This feature can also be used with Kartra’s “Sequences” tool so that “smart” emails go out automatically, depending on your webinar registrants’ actions.

Image033 Kartra My Campaigns Campaigns Sequences