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WebinarJam: Setting up Notifications

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Setting up notifications is an important part of your webinar, as these remind your registrants about the date/time of event.



Helping Your Webinar Succeed

Are you wondering if you even need to use this section for pre-webinar notifications?

The answer is, YES.

When you schedule a webinar, you have one goal… Get as many people as possible to watch your event. It is YOUR job to make sure the registrants know WHY they cannot miss your webinar. And, is it an entirely different animal than getting people to register.

How do you do this?


How do you indoctrinate? With pre-webinar emails (and video, too, if you can).

Your registrants need to understand the amazing things they’ll MISS by not attending your webinar. To do this, there’s nothing like good old-fashioned email. You’re going to want to communicate with your registrants every day via Notifications. These emails should NOT be  standard pitch emails. They SHOULD be juicy and delicious, cool stuff for free, video content emails.

Ideally, pre-indoctrination is best started 2-3 days before the webinar. There are 3 key days before your broadcast that you want to make the Big Push for attendance.

Broken down into 3 days, this is how your indoctrination emails should look:

Day 1 Email:

Post any “updates” that have occurred since registration. Here’s where your case studies come in handy. For example, “Check out Suzy’s photos and jaw dropping transformation before and after she started my proven program for healthy living without diets or starvation.” Post a link to a video interview with Suzie…

Day 2 Email:

What we call the “Reasons Why” communication. This is your time to overcome objections, or speak to people’s fears about why your program may not be suitable for them. This is where past survey data is especially useful.

Day 3 Email:

I call this the Bonus/Scarcity email. Your headline could be something like:

“I can’t believe this happened..”

“I never thought I could do this…”

“Solved! I didn’t think it was possible…”

Offer a free download with the Top Ten most common misconceptions people who (fill in the blank) were able to beat. Or, Top Ten most important daily habits of people who (fill in the blank), as it relates to your webinar topic. They can be brief bullets. The webinar is the get down and dirty nitty gritty, so keep your emails to only what keeps them wanting more. This pushes registrants to want to make time to watch your show. This is what you want.

Last Minute Reminder

In addition to the Indoctrination emails, you’ll want to send system email reminders 15 minutes prior to the start of the webinar. That particular email can say:

IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!!! Log in now, we’re starting soon!.

Additionally, use the SMS and voice messaging feature. This gives your indoctrination that final poke that could mean the difference between attendance or not.





Step by Step

To edit or set up your notifications, go to the Notifications section.  Express Configuration skips several sections.  

The image below is from Full Configuration. Notifications are Marked #1. 

Email Server

Click Email to set up the email server (Marked #2 Below).

Your profile name and email are added automatically. However, you can set up an Email Gateway here, or within your profile. 


SMS Gateway

Click Call/SMS to add your SMS gateway to this webinar (Marked #3 Below).

To configure it for all webinars, add it to your profile.




Use Our Email Server

This article is only going to cover Our Email Server, which is fast and easy. 

To "Use Your Server", Read the article SendGrid SMTP server.

Here, you can modify the Sender name and email.

Sender Name - the name from which your registrants will receive the email notifications.

Sender Email - Emails will be sent out with this email but through the WebinarJam Server.  Anti-spam laws require you use an actual domain email address. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. may cause decreased delivery of your notifications. 


Add Emails

You'll notice the Immediate email (Marked #1 Below) and the last minute (which is actually 15 minutes before) are already added to your webinar. You can delete them, but we recommend using at least these two.

The time the email is to be sent out is marked at the beginning of the template (Marked #1 Below).

To edit an email, click the pencil (Marked #2 Below). Clicking the envelope sends a test email to the profile email. The red x deletes the email.

NOTE: Test emails contain the shortcodes, rather than actual information.

To add an email, click the Add Email button (Marked #3 Below).

There can only be one last minute email, which is why the "Add Email" is marked gray below. The SMS was not set up, so it is also marked gray (Marked #4 Below). 



Edit Emails

You can translate "Webinar Title" and "Webinar Description" into a different language, add more information, add a link to your Attendee Pre-Webinar Checklist or add any other documentation you want to send to your registrants. See the image below.

Time (Marked #1 Below)

Emails can only be sent out on the hour. Emails scheduled for after the webinar ends are actually timed from the start of the webinar, so you will want to use 2 hours for 1 hour after your webinar.  This is because the duration cannot be pre-determined, so using the start time enables you to properly schedule your reminders.

Edit (Marked #2 Below)

The fonts and contents of the email can be edited with the text editor.

Shortcode (Marked #3 Below)

The shortcodes on the right side can be used in your webinar to provide information for your attendees.

NOTE: Please be careful not to edit the shortcodes, as they provide date, time, and presenter information directly from your webinar, and editing can break them. 

NOTE: If a shortcode is not working, you may need to re-add the Shortcode manually. There may be some hidden code in it. #LINK# needs to be linked to #LINK# to work correctly.

Password (Marked #4 Below)

NOTE: If you use Password protection on your webinar, be sure to add the #PASSWORD# shortcode.

Test Email (Marked #5 Below)

To send a test notification to an email address other than your default email, use the Test email.  

NOTE: Test emails contain the shortcodes, rather than actual information.

Save (Top Right Corner)

Be sure to save after you are done creating your emails.  


After you have saved, confirm the changes to the Notifications section, then save and next to save the whole page. 




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