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WebinarJam Error: Adjust Settings To Activate YouTube Live Streaming Functionality

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Embedding and Live Streaming are required for the proper function of WebinarJam's live and replay webinars.  But sometimes even if you have all the features correctly set up on your YouTube account, you may see the error message "We have detected that you need to adjust a few settings in your YouTube account in order to activate the YouTube Live Streaming functionality." 

If all your settings are correctly configured, then WebinarJam and YouTube just need help talking to one other. Visiting the YouTube.com/live dashboard will help this happen. 

Once you've visited the YouTube.com/live_dashboard you can click the "Let's Try Again" Button.  



While you are there, change your promotions 

While you are there, it's a great time to change your promotions so your YouTube Subscribers do not see your test webinars or watch webinars outside of the WebinarJam experience.  

As far as promotions and privacy, configuring Live Streaming on your channel with some default settings helps reduce the stress and worry of forgetting to change the settings during the webinar. We will cover those steps now. First, go to YouTube.com/live_dashboard 

  1. Confirm you are on Live Streaming/Stream Now (Marked #1)
  2. Scroll down (Marked #2)
  3. Change the Privacy setting to "Unlisted" from the dropdown.  (Marked #3)
  4. Click "Advanced Settings" (Marked #4)
This means that every Live stream you run will be Unlisted. However, you can change it as necessary.
  • Be sure you are on "Advanced Settings" (Marked #1)
  • Uncheck both boxes under "Promotions" (Marked #2)
  • Confirm that Embedding is checked (Marked #3)

Read Troubleshooting Embed Settings if your Embedding is not allowed.