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Where Can I Find My Kartra Invoice

Billing Profile

Go to your Billing Profile, which is located by clicking your profile icon in the upper right corner. From the dropdown menu choose "Billing."

Kartra Billing


Payment History

Your invoice can be accessed by logging into your account and checking your “Billing Profile.” Click “Payment History” to see your payment history, invoice charges, and number. Under the “Action” click the paper icon to download your Invoice.

Kartra Billing Invoices


Billing Invoice

Your invoice will look similar to below. You will see your Kartra Level on the first line.

Any overage charges are displayed on separate lines, as shown below. 

About Overages

Kartra packages each have established monthly usage allotments and additional usage fees. These fees are added to your monthly bill and are due with your normal package fees and on your normal billing date. 

In the case below, the usage fees were above the monthly allotment. The bandwidth went over package limits on the previous month. This can happen if you upload a large number of videos during a single month, or have a lot of views. 

For the latest information about overage charges, see: https://home.kartra.com/billing


Kartra Billing Limits