WebinarJam: Basic Configuration

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On the Basic Configuration Screen, you are going to set up your webinar title and description.


Helping Your Webinar Succeed

The Importance of a Good Webinar Title

Registrants will scan the headline and make an instant decision. "Is this interesting? Do I care?" and if they answer no to both of those, chances are slim they will read your webinar description no matter how brilliant, amusing and informative.

While it's tempting to write a headline that talks about the webinar, your registrants care about whether or not your webinar is going to offer a BENEFIT that is of interest to them. It needs to grab the attention of the reader and draw them into everything that comes next, which is YOUR Webinar.

This is why a title like "Secrets to Earning a 6 Figure Income While Working from Home" converts. Want to learn more? We have some articles to help you.  The first includes our "80% of your success is in the Headline" mindmap.

Making Your Webinar Description Appealing

The webinar description is a one or two sentence summary of your webinar. Similar to the headline above, you want to make certain you discuss benefits for your possible registrants, so if they see just the description they will be interested enough to click to the registration page!  



Step by Step Guide

Be sure to fill out each of these fields for your basic configuration.

Webinar Name

The Webinar Name is a name for your own eyes only.  You want to make it unique so you can recognize it from your other webinars, especially if you have anything similar.

Example: Quarter 1 Power Hour With Mark

(Marked #1 Below)

Webinar Title

Webinar Title is the title that appears for the public in your notifications and if you add your webinar to "On Demand", so you will type in an appealing title that grabs your audience. (Marked #2 Below)

Max 70 Characters: example: Secrets to Earning a 6 Figure Income While Working from Home

Please check out The Importance of a Good Webinar Title Above

Webinar Description

The Webinar Description is where you want to add an appealing description to help interest people in registering for your webinar. (Marked #3 Below)

Max 150 Characters: example: My proven strategy to achieve financial freedom in less than a year, without ever leaving your home.

Webinar Language

Do you speak a language other than English? Choose one here. Your webinar interface and pages will change to your chosen language for your audience. (Marked #4 Below)

Read Other Languages Available

Webinars on Demand

You can list your WebinarJam or EverWebinar on the WebinarJam OnDemand MarketPlace.  Once you have 10 unique registrations, your webinar will appear in the marketplace for greater exposure.

(Marked #5 Below)

Read more about the Webinar MarketPlace

Directory Category - Choose the appropriate category for your webinar session here.


After you've finished filling out each of these sections, press "Confirm" (Marked #6 Below)


NOTE: If the Confirm button is not green, then a required field was not filled out. Look for any red lines.


WebinarJam Basic Configuration