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WebinarJam: About YouTube Live as Webinar Provider

This article is for:
YouTube Live is the classic webinar provider.
NOTE: YouTube is the only option available to Legacy users without an upgrade.
Other WebinarJam members have the ability to choose webinar providers.
Select YouTube by choosing "Full Configuration".
Click the pencil beside "Configure Webinar Provider".  
NOTE: You can only choose Webinar Providers under Full Configuration.
If you want to read about which option is best, visit here:

We strongly recommend WebinarJam Live - it's the easiest to configure.


YouTube Information:


About YouTube Live as a Webinar Provider

YouTube Live is the only option available to users with Basic WebinarJam. 

It has both Pros and Cons.  


1. It can be tricky to get your YouTube Account set up correctly.

2. If you play a video or music in your webinar that YOU DO NOT OWN, YouTube may file a "Content ID claim".  


1. Your video will upload directly to YouTube, giving you a huge reach to millions of potential clients.

2. After your webinar is over, you have a YouTube link to share in addition to your Replica Replay.


Full Configuration

With YouTube Live you WILL need to have an account that connects to YouTube (if you do not have one already). If you have not connected to a YouTube channel, the YouTube button will appear in red and say: "YouTube Connect".

To choose this option, go to Full Configuration.  

  1. Press the Edit Pencil beside "Configure the Webinar Provider".
  2. Choose YouTube Live.
  3. If your account is already connected it will appear as above, with a green "YouTube Account Connected" message. If the button is red, follow the steps below for Connecting YouTube Live.
  4. The connected channel email will appear below the button (Marked #4 Below).
  5.  If you want to change channel, press the reset button (Marked #5 Below).

Be sure Your YouTube Account is set up.

WebinarJam Provider YouTube Live



Connecting YouTube Live 


Choose an Account

Many of our users have multiple Gmail accounts.  If so, you may see a screen similar to the one below.

You will be able to use the WebinarJam App on any YouTube channel that is set up correctly. For this user, it's the top two accounts, the bottom two do not work.


WebinarJam Configuration Choose Channel


Confirming Your Channel and WebinarJam Permissions

Once you've chosen a channel, a WebinarJam Permissions window will appear.
  1. Check which channel by looking at the top right (Marked #1 Below).
  2. Press the small arrow down beside your Channel Name if you need to change it (Marked #2 Below).
  3. Choose "Add Account" or "Sign Out" if necessary (Marked #3 Below).
  4. Click Allow if you are on the correct channel (Marked #4 Below).


WebinarJam Configuration Choose Permission



The channel you just used is the channel all your YouTube Live Webinars will stream to until you set up a new connection.  


You Are Connected

Now your screen should appear as the screen below. The email of the YouTube channel you picked will display under the "connect" (currently covered by the arrow). To change channels, click the reset button (Marked #5 below).

NOTE: The channel you chose will be used for all future YouTube Live Webinars.

If you want to use another channel, create a new webinar.  Configure the webinar provider, then click reset and change the channel.

WebinarJam Provider YouTube Live

REMINDER! Please be sure to test before your live event.