WebinarJam: Configure Webinar Provider

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If you are doing a Full Configuration webinar, you can choose to use one of two different webinar providers, WebinarJam Live or YouTube Live.

NOTE: You will only be able to choose the webinar provider under the Full Configuration.

NOTE: YouTube is the only option available to users with Legacy Users without an Upgrade.

  Other WebinarJam members have the ability to choose webinar Providers.


Click the edit pencil to choose your webinar provider.

WebinarJam Configuration Choose Channel



Which One Should I Choose?

WebinarJam Live and YouTube Live have all the same great feature options during a live webinar. How the webinar is broadcast and recorded is different. 


WebinarJam Live

Webinar Provider: WebinarJam Live

WebinarJam Live is the easiest option to set up. Click the button and you are done. No need to connect to another service.  

The replay can be displayed by the Replica Replay or you can download the link to put on your own website or another video platform.


  1. You do not have a link outside of the Replica Replay to share a video with others unless you upload the recording to another platform.


  1. Easy to set up.
  2. After your webinar is over, you have a link to download and share as you wish in addition to your Replica Replay.

Ready to use WebinarJam Live?  Just click the WebinarJam Live option or read more here:  




Webinar Provider: YouTube

This is the only option available to users with Basic WebinarJam. 

It has both pros and cons.  


  1. It can be tricky to get your YouTube Account set up correctly. 
  2. If you play a video or music that is not owned by you in your webinar, YouTube may file a "Content ID claim".  


  1. Your video will go live to YouTube, which can have expansive reach.
  2. After your webinar is over, you have a YouTube link to share in addition to your Replica Replay.  

Ready to use YouTube?