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Analytics: Checking Product Sales


Keeping track of Sales metrics is an essential way to improve the success of your Product. Kartra provides analysis of how your Products are performing.

From number of visitors to the number of sales and refunds, Kartra provides a detailed look into the metrics of your product Sales. This data can be used to help you decide how you will improve your sales and grow your revenue.

How do we check the data?

Sales Analytics

Helpdesk analytics are located by going under My Products on the left sidebar (Marked #1 Below), then Analytics in the upper menu (Marked #2 Below), and Sales in the lower menu (Marked #3 Below).


Here you are presented with the data from the Sales of your products. Below you will see a graph with the most recent data captured from your invoices. The graph populates data, by default, within the Last 30 Days. However, you can use the filters above the chart to tailor the display to present the specific data you would like to see.

Filtering Data

The first filter is choosing the Product name (Marked #1 below). The next filter is choosing the Funnel (Marked #2 below).

Also, you have the Time filters. You can choose a predefined time frame from the second drop down menu (Marked #3 below). You also have the option to enter a specific date range by:

  • Clicking the Advanced Filter icon (Marked #4 below).

  • Select a date range in the fields that popup (Marked #5 below).

  • Click the blue Go button (Marked #6 below) to generate the results.


You can also isolate, or compare, the trend of Visitors, Gross Revenue, Sales + Rebills, or Refunds. To do so, ensure that the corresponding bubble at the bottom is checked and the other bubbles are unchecked (Marked #7 above).

Crunching the Numbers

While the graph provides a visual of the activity of your Sales, the chart below it provides you with the hard data. The top row, gives you the Icon tab to view the data for individual products (Marked #1 below). Also, to the right there is a button to View All Transactions (Marked #2 below). Note: You can read more about Transactions in this article: Checking The Stats of Your Transactions.



At the bottom is a scroll bar to see all of the column headings and Clicking on the data in the columns will provide you with more info on the transaction.

  • Product = The name of your product.

  • Visitors = The number of visitors to the product landing page.

  • Sales = The number of products sold.

  • Rebills = The number of rebills (additional payments for product made).

  • Gross Revenue = Amount of money made from sales and rebills.

  • Conversion = Percentage of visitors that made a purchase.

  • Profit-Per-Click = Number of profits per click.

  • # Refunds = The number of refunds given.

  • $ Refunds = The total of refunds given

  • # Chargebacks = The number of chargebacks.

  • $ Chargebacks = The total of chargebacks paid.

  • Total Net Profit = Gross Revenue minus refunds and chargebacks.