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Self Billing for WebinarJam or EverWebinar

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What is Self Billing?

With Self-Billing for WebinarJam or EverWebinar, you can update your Credit Card information by visiting the Self Billing Desk.

WARNING: Processing a Cancellation will instantly close your account. 

You will need your order number and order email.

NOTE: This desk is for Self Billing ONLY and is not monitored. 

Please be sure to use the Genesis Digital Support Desk for product issue/question tickets or refund requests.

For Self-Billing you will need an order number from one of your purchases.


Getting Your Invoice

You need your order number and order email from your invoice, which you can get from your WebinarJam or EverWebinar Dashboard, located at https://account.genndi.com/dashboard.

  1. In the top right, click the person icon to open your profile. (Marked #1 Below). 
  2. Click Billing (Marked #2 Below) to see a list of your invoices. 
  3. Click "Download" (Marked #3 Below).

When the popup appears, click "Open". This allows you to view your invoice and gather your information. You will also have the ability to download the PDF.  

WebinarJam Account Billing


Your invoice will look similar to the shot below and contain the two pieces of information you need.

Your invoice number is in the upper right.

You will see the email you used when you purchased in the "Customer Information" column.

WebinarJam Account Invoice


Locate Your Orders

Please click the "My Orders" Button on Self Billing Desk. Enter the information you got from your invoice.
  • Email used when you purchased
  • Order number

If you cannot find your information, submit a ticket to the Billing Support Desk.  




Viewing Your Orders

Once you locate the My Orders section, you will see all WebinarJam/EverWebinar purchases you have made using the purchase email address you use to log into your account. 

Please Note:

Kartra subscriptions do not appear here.

Any purchases made with a different email address will not appear in this area.

In the example below, there are two orders.  You will see two boxes beside each order.

Credit Card

Your payment method will show as a credit card icon for Credit Card  (Marked #1 Below).  If you mouse over the button, it will show the last 4 digits of the card number you used for a Credit Card payment.


If you used PayPal, the icon will be PP for PayPal. When you mouse over the icon, it will show the default email of the PayPal account that you used. 

Show Details

To see more information about your order, press "Show Details", and the details will display below.



Managing Your Orders

When the details are displayed, you can see a few options in regards to your order. 

NOTE: This desk is for Self Billing ONLY and is not monitored. 

Please be sure to use the Genesis Digital Support Desk for product issue/question tickets or refund requests.

Updating Your Credit Card

 For Credit Cards, you can press the pencil (Marked #1 Below) to edit and update your credit card before your next payment. You can read the next section for more about that.

Cancel Your Rebill

 By clicking the X (Marked #2 Below) beside your next payment, you can cancel your rebill.  Once you click the cancel, you will see a confirm button asking if you are sure you want to cancel.

WARNING: Processing a Cancellation will instantly close your account. 

Download Invoice

If you are missing an invoice you can press the page icon (Marked #4 Below) to download your invoice.    


order details


Changing Your Credit Card

On the "Your Orders page", you can press the pencil (Marked #1 Above).

Once you press the pencil, you'll see a screen similar to below. You can see the last four digits of your current credit card number (Marked #1 Below).

To change your information, fill out the form and submit it (Marked #2 Below).   

update Credit Card


If you want to verify, go through this process again, and see what last 4 digits now show.