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WebinarJam: Webinar Scheduling

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In this section you will be setting up your webinar schedule.  You have quite a few choices, but we'll help you make the decisions based on what you need!  

1) Webinar Schedule

Here you can choose between a “Right Now” webinar or “Schedule It” (Marked #1 Above).

Right Now Webinar

Because a Right Now webinars goes directly to the Webinar, they do not have a registration page or thank you page to create. 

Schedule It

This is a webinar that happens in the future, on a specific time and date. If you are still trying to decide on a time, then we recommend that you use a lead page program and gather names with an autoresponder. Then you can email people with a time and date of your webinar!  

We recommend caution when changing the schedules of webinars that have users may already be registered to or otherwise may have links. Doing so can create frustration and issues for your attendees, your analytics, and even your webinar itself. 

2) Webinar Presentations

Here you have two choices as well. Both will allow you to have multiple webinars, but how those webinars are provided to your attendees is different. (Marked #2 Above).

Single Presentation

A “Single Presentation” which can be either a single showing or multiple showings of the same content (like multiple movie showings).  Registrants will only get an email for the webinar on the time and date they registered for.

Series of Presentations

A Series of Presentations, which allows a visitor to register once for a progressive series of webinars. Registrants will get an email for each new session in the series.

Many of our customers use this option for a weekly webinar, and when the notifications are set up for an hour before, attendees are notified once a week an hour before their webinar!


3) Set the Time

This line allows you to set the time and date for your webinar. (Marked #3 Above)

Date: Click the line beside calendar to bring up the calendar to choose a date.

Series of webinars:
If you picked a series of webinars, you can choose weekly or on particular dates.  

Clock: Click the line beside the clock to choose a time. Minutes are shown in 15 minute increments, so choose :00, :15, :30, or :45. Our clock is a 12 hour clock, so you will need to choose AM or PM.  

Time Zone: Next is the Time Zone, this is a drop down with many choices you can scroll through.


4) Add

Your session is not created until you press the Blue Add Button.  If you see "You must configure at least one schedule for your webinar."  then you may have missed this button. (Marked #4 Above).

5) Confirm

Once you've added all your scheduled times, scroll up and press the green Confirm button. (Marked #5 Above)