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WebinarJam: Autoresponder Integration

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This lesson is geared toward those that are newer to online business or webinars, and may not have experience with Autoresponders. If you’re familiar with them, you can skip down the page to find out exactly what you need to integrate your specific autoresponder with WebinarJam.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an online service or program that automatically sends and/or answers emails. At the most basic level, those “Out of office” emails you get when someone leaves work for the day or goes on vacation is an “autoresponder”.

An autoresponder is also how people manage their mailing lists. This includes confirming subscriptions, unsubscribes, and other list activities. It allows you to send broadcast emails, sequence emails, newsletters, you name it.

How does the WebinarJam Integration work?

WebinarJam/EverWebinar allows you to integrate your autoresponder with the system for the purpose of adding names and email addresses to one of your mailing lists in a “co-registration” or adding (or removing) tags.


This is not a "true" co-registration, as it is not between two companies, but simply a registration of your registrant for both the webinar email list and your autoresponder email list. 

NOTE: Double Opt IN

Depending on your autoresponder, when someone NOT on your list registers for your webinar, they will receive the “Confirm Your Subscription” email from your autoresponder. Typically, the registrant must then click the confirmation link in order to be added to your mailing list. Some autoresponder services do not require this step, but many do. If you find there is an incongruous number of registrants versus new list members, it is because they have not clicked the confirmation link in the autoresponder email.


Adding and removing tags allows you to keep track of which attendees have watched your webinar, stayed to see your offer and much more. This allows you to better target your customers.

NOTE: Not all autoresponders allow adding and/or removing of tags, in these case you may have the option of adding or removing from a list..  Some autoresponders allow tags instead of adding or removing from a list.  

Most of our autoresponders use API integration to connect them to WebinarJam. Other autoresponders not on this list can be integrated by using services such as ClickFunnels and LeadPages and Zapier.


Autoresponders with App Integration


Autoresponders with API Integration

  • Ontraport


Other Autoresponders

Zapier will allow you to connect other autoresponders. And you will need to setup your triggers and consequences on the Zapier platform.


General Autoresponder Integration Instructions 

Click the first icon, which is "My Account." (Marked #1 Below)

Click on Your Autoresponder (Marked #2 Below).

Keys and Secrets

Most of the autoresponders will have you add an API, some will have you add a Secret. (Marked #3 Below). However some autoresponders may have you connect (Aweber).


Be sure to press Connect (Marked #4 Below).  Most autoresponders will then require that you login to establish the connection between them and WebinarJam.



Integration Rules

If This Happens

Now you can set up various integration rules. Under "If This Happens" you can choose from various choices such as: When they register, When they attend the Live Webinar, When They Leave Before... and many other choices.

NOTE: For time based tagging, the tags should be at least 5 minutes apart.

Then Do This

After you have set up an "If This Happens" you can choose to add a tag or remove one. 

Create Integration Rule

To add this rule to your webinar be sure to click "Create Integration Rule." Which is the gray button you see beneath the "If This Happens" and "Then Do This."

Now you can repeat the "If This Happens" and "Then Do This" steps for additional rules.


Once you are done adding all the integration rules, be sure to go to the top of the "Email Autoresponder Integration" and click Confirm. 

NOTE: If you have added several new rules we recommend that you save each step through the Webinar Finish.