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WebinarJam: What are my Replay Links for a Recurring Webinar?

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Provided that you don't reschedule a recurring or multiple webinar, your replay links are always predictable.

For example: 
https://events.genndi.com/replay/(userid)/(webicode)/0/0 - Will be the first session.
Then https://events.genndi.com/replay/(userid)/(webicode)/1/0 - Is the second one, and so on.
If you reschedule the time or day of a recurring webinar, it resets everything back to 0. So, we highly recommend setting up a new webinar instead of editing an existing recurring webinar or deleting a session. In order to make this easier, we provide the clone option. This will allow you to skip much of the setup process by copying your previous webinar setup. 

Finding your links

Click My Webinar. Then, click "Your Links" beside the webinar you want the replay link for. This will trigger a popup containing your links options. Click "Replay Recording" to see your replay specific links (Marked #1 Below). 

Replay Link Schedule (Marked #2 Below)
The Replay Link is how you can get direct access to your webinar replay. If you have several sessions, you'll be able to pick your session from the drop down. This will generate your link which will appear under #3.
Since each replay will have their own link, you'll be able to share these links with clients and customers as well. Or place the replay links behind a membership site.