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WebinarJam: Kartra Integration With WebinarJam

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By Integrating your Webinar with Kartra you'll be able to add your webinar registrants to a list in Kartra, tag them if they watch the webinar, miss the webinar, or buy from your webinar.  

You need to complete the following steps integrate with Kartra. 

NOTE: For Tags via Kartra Read Kartra Integration WebinarJam or EverWebinar


Getting Your Kartra Key

To get your Kartra API you will need to go to Integrations from the sidebar menu (Marked #1 Below), then API from the top menu and API from the dropdown (Marked #2 Below).  

Kartra API


You will need the Inbound API. Copy your "API Key" (Marked #1 Below) and your "API Password"(Marked #2 Below).  

Kartra API



Integrate Kartra with Your Account

Now you will want to go back to WebinarJam.

Click the first icon, which is "My Account." (Marked #1 Below)


Click Integrations (Marked #2 Below), you should be on Autoresponders (Marked #3 Below).

Choose Kartra (Marked #4 Below) and then add your Kartra API key, and your Kartra API Password (Marked #5 Below).

Be sure to press Connect and it should change to Connected and the connection between WebinarJam and Kartra will be established.

If you need to change the API click Reset (Marked #6 Below).



Integrate Kartra with Your Webinar

Now that you have established Integration, you can add your integration to your Webinar. 

This is important so you can add or remove tags to your attendees and registrants.


Go to the Integration tab of the webinar where you want to use tagging. (Marked #1 Below)

Click the pencil beside the "Email Autoresponder Integration." After you click edit It will look similar to below. (Marked #2 Below)

Be sure to click Kartra.



Integration Rules

NOTE: For Tags via Kartra Read Kartra Integration WebinarJam or EverWebinar

If This Happens

Now you can set up various integration rules. Under "If This Happens" you can choose from various choices such as: When they register, When they attend the Live Webinar, When They Leave Before... and many other choices.

NOTE: For time based tagging, the tags should be at least 5 minutes apart.

Then Do This

After you have set up an "If This Happens" you can choose to add a tag or remove one. 

Create Integration Rule

To add this rule to your webinar be sure to click "Create Integration Rule." Which is the gray button you see beneath the "If This Happens" and "Then Do This."

Now you can repeat the "If This Happens" and "Then Do This" steps for additional rules.


Once you are done adding all the integration rules, be sure to go to the top of the "Email Autoresponder Integration" and click Confirm. 

NOTE: If you have added several new rules we recommend that you save each step through the Webinar Finish.