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WebinarJam: Creating a Series of Webinars

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With WebinarJam you have two different options for creating a series of webinars. 

NOTE: DO NOT RESCHEDULE A WEBINAR. If you reschedule the time or day of a recurring webinar, it resets everything back to 1... so we highly recommend setting up a new webinar instead of editing an existing recurring. 

NOTE: If you have set up a Single Presentation Webinar or Multiple Presentation Webinar and need to change it to the other, all your previous sessions will be overwritten and your registrants will be moved to a new schedule.  You may be presented with a warning as shown below.






2 Webinar Presentations

Here, you have two choices for presentations. Both will allow you to have multiple webinars, but how those webinars are displayed to your attendees is different (Marked #2 Above).


Single Presentation

A “Single Presentation” can be either a single showing or multiple showings of the same content (like multiple movie showings). 

Registrants will only get an email for the webinar on the time and date for which they registered.

Attendees must register for each session they wish to see.


Series of Presentations

A "Series of Presentations" allows a visitor to register once for a progressive series of webinars. Registrants will get an email for each new session in the series.  

This is the choice you want for your weekly coaching webinar. When the notifications are set up for an hour before, attendees are notified once a week an hour before their webinar!


Where you see LIMIT, this is the number of sessions you will have for that particular schedule.  You can have up to 52 sessions, which allows for one year. If your series is 10 sessions, you place a 10 in this field.


Attendees register once for all sessions of this type of webinar.

NOTE: If you use Monetization for registration, your attendees are charged just once for all the webinars in the series. Read Monetization.