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MailJet SMTP Integration for Email Notifications

This article is for: Legacy WebinarJam Users (Customers who joined prior to Sept 2017)

Email notifications cannot be edited with the exception of send time unless you verify your phone number or use your own SMTP server to send the notifications. If you use your own SMTP server, you can edit your email or change to another language, or have additional emails.   And this article will guide you in how to set up the SMTP service, MailJet.  

SMTP Setup

To set this up, you'll need to ...
  1. Edit an existing webinar
  2. Go to Notifications (Marked #2 Below)
  3. Add your Email Address and Name in the email notifications (Marked #3 Below) - a popup will appear

Getting your MailJet Information

Now you need to go to your MailJet Account.
  • If you aren't on the account page, click My Account (Marked #1 Below)
  • Click SMTP and Send API Settings (Marked #2 Below)
  • If you don't have an API Key or need a new one you would set one up under Master API (Marked #3 Below)
 From this page you need the following pieces of information.   They are marked in the order that you will need them on WebinarJam and EverWebinar
  1. SMTP Server (Marked #1 below)
  2. Port number / SMTP Port (Marked #2 below)
  3. Username (Marked #4 Below)
  4. Password (Marked #5 Below)
This is information you need to paste onto your Email Notifications, in the corresponding places on WebinarJam Studio.

Adding Your MailJet to WebinarJam

You will need to go back to WebinarJam or EverWebinar and do the following
  1. Click "Use your own server" (Marked #1 below)
  2. Fill out the form:  (Marked #2 below)
    1. Sender's name: What is your name on MailJet?
    2. Sender's Email: What is your email on MailJet?
    3. SMTP Port: 587 should work.  But see what port is Marked #2 in the MailJet Image above
    4. Encryption: TLS
    5. SMTP Username: Use the username Marked #3 in the MailJet Image above
    6. SMTP password: Use the password Marked #4 in the MailJet Image above
  3. Send a test email to your address. (Marked #3 Below)
  4. Optional Save this email for future webinars (Marked #4 Below)
  5. Select / Save  (Marked #5 Below)
Now can add as many emails as you like. 
Modify your emails.
Translate into another language… 
NOTE:  Avoid changing anything between #Tags# but you can see the shortcodes if you remove them or want to add them again.