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Help! Something is not working!

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One of the challenges of having a software service company is the inability to control the user environment. So we can program something, test it like crazy, have it work fine for us, only to "break" when our clients do the identical thing.
This is because there are a ridiculous number of factors in play. The combination of different browsers, versions, operating systems, internet providers, firewalls, adblocks, popup blocks, and programs that make up an individual user's experience all can create issues that make software work perfectly for some, but not others.
WebinarJam recommends using Google Chrome for your browser. You can read other WebinarJam recommendations.
We'd love it if you'd submit a support ticket if you have an actual bug. We appreciate your input to help us get better!
Before you submit a support ticket, please try the "usual suspects" to see if it clears up the problem.
Step 1) Clear your browser cookies and temporary internet files.  
Step 2) Disable all of your browser extentions.  Common browser extensions that restrict Javascript will stop the software from functioning properly (one popular one is "NoScript").
Step 3) Restart your computer
Step 4) Try again
If you're still experiencing issues after following these steps, submit a support ticket.