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WebinarJam: Using our Registration Page Builder

This Article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar 




How do I create a registration page with WebinarJam?

The registration page is typically the first thing potential webinar viewers will see. Here are some basics to help you set up a registration page that converts.


Helping Your Webinar Succeed

Creating high converting registration pages can be challenging. But with this straightforward checklist of what to include and what NOT to include, we’ll make it much easier, and allow for consistency across all your future webinar registration pages. This allows you to create reliable ROI!

In addition to showing you the conversion rates right on each template, we’ve tested and re-tested, analyzed and adjusted these next key steps to take the guess work out of landing page creation for you. This is the end product that will force your conversions in the right direction whether you’re using one of our built in templates, or your own custom design.

*Just one addendum – nothing is set in stone. Sometimes adjustments are necessary depending on the overall goal of the webinar and the market you’re in. Checklists are not a guarantee of success; they’re a protection against accidentally leaving out important details. Feel free to adjust this one to suit.

Webinar Registration Page Essential MUST DOs

1) The Headline 

It needs to grab the attention of your visitor with such dazzling urgency that they feel compelled to read the rest of the page.

2) The Freemium 

The Freemium designed as impetus to follow through and attend the event.

3) The Day, Date, Time -

Make sure you include the name of the day of the week the webinar is scheduled (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)

4) Solve a problem

Identify a core problem your product or service solves and refer to this explicitly in either the headline or webinar description (or both). You need to pledge to fix something meaningful in their life. How will you ease their pain or increase their pleasure?

5) Make a Big Promise 

Your webinar should always open with a bold statement of intent. Tell your viewers that by the end of the event they will know how to accomplish… <INSERT SOMETHING AMAZING>.

6) What and For How Long? 

  • The event is going to be a webinar.
  • The webinar is going to be about <INSERT SUBJECT MATTER>.
  • The webinar is free to attend.
  • The webinar will last for approximately X minutes.

7) Show Urgency and Immediacy

Highlight the limited time remaining before the event begins and that it’s imperative for your visitor to register if they don’t want to miss out. Countdown timers are always a good tool to emphasize urgency.

8) Presenter Bios

Include a short bio with your photo and 1-4 (no more) lines of relevant information. Briefly communicate your experience and your qualifications so people know why you’re someone worth listening to.


The Two Big Webinar Registration Page DO NOTs

1) Write a headline that talks about the webinar
Seriously. At this point, people don’t care about WHAT your webinar is about. They care about whether or not your webinar is going to offer a BENEFIT that is of interest to them.
Your webinar registration page headline isn’t the place to discuss what your webinar content covers. It’s the place to evoke curiosity, agitate pain, and create desire.
2) Include Testimonials
Seriously again. In fact, you should avoid social proof in general on the Registration Page.
This may feel counter-intuitive, because social proof is almost universally beneficial in all marketing strategies EXCEPT webinar registration conversion. We’ve tested it ourselves and this is just the way it is.
If you’re doubtful, try running a split-test of your own and share your results with us!
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Step by Step Set-up for Your Registration Page

Now that we've covered some of the important steps for Webinar Success... it's time to get that registration page up and running!

NOTE: Changing the Webinar Name or Presenters after the Registration Page has been created will mean that you will need to manually change them.

Where do I set up a registration page?

Express Configuration

With Express Configuration the Registration page is the third section.

Full Configuration

If you are using Full Configuration, go to the Registration tab and choose "Registration page and process" (shown below).


See the list of registration page options.

Newest at Top

You can choose Newest at top or best converting (Marked #1 Below). 


To the far right is a scroll bar. You can scroll through all the registration pages, use the up/down arrows on your keyboard, or advance your mouse's scroll button (Marked # 2 Below).

Preview or Choose

To preview a page, click the eye icon on the left bottom corner of the thumbnail image.  Once you find one you like, click the middle of a registration page to customize it (Marked #3 Below).



How do I customize my Registration Page?

On the page below, you can edit color, text, styles, and the video.  

To edit the color of a section, mouse over the top right hand corner to find the edit pencil. Click it (Marked #1 Below).

To edit the text of a section, mouse over the upper right hand corner of the text where you will see a blue pencil or a red x.  The blue pencil is for editing, the red x is for deleting  (Marked #2 Below).


How do I Change the Registration Page Background?

Once you have clicked the pencil in the upper right corner to edit a page color, you will see a slide over screen appear. Choose between uploading a background image or picking a color.  Simply flip the switch (Marked #1 Below) to image or color.

Background Image

Once you flip the background to the left for a background image, you'll see a button to upload an image. Background images may need to be compressed. Maximum size is 500kb so it loads easily for registrants. Allowed images are JPG, GIF or PNG.


Because there are so many templates available, any one size may not be ideal. 

The page auto-resizes the image to take up the max width/height of the internet browser, so the image must be large enough to fit a standard browser size. For most of these, however a 1274x780 to 1600x900 will work. Make sure the image is properly compressed so it doesn’t take ages to load!  

Various Devices 

Because there are a wide variety of devices, monitor sizes, and browser sizing, if you have text or information, it may be covered by the clock or registration form. 


If you want color, flip the switch to the right (Marked #1 Below).

Choose a color tint by choosing a spot on the color box (Marked #2 Below). Change the color by sliding the color bar up or down.  Choose transparency by sliding the transparency up or down. The transparency slider looks like a checker board towards the bottom, where it's most transparent.

You can also type in a specific color code in the box (Marked #2 Below). For help choosing colors, we recommend:





Changing the Text

Mouse over the upper right corner of the text you wish to change until an edit pencil and red X appear (Marked #1 Below).

Click the Pencil Icon.

By clicking the pencil icon you can edit the text, change the font to bold or italics, change color of the text or change the font to a completely new one! Use the visual editor to modify however you like (Marked #2 Below). 




Changing a Video

Mouse over the upper right hand corner until you see the edit pencil and red X. Click the pencil (Marked #1 Below).

Add the URL to your video. It should be an MP4 or YouTube video. YouTube is the easiest to use, as you won't have to worry about permissions, settings, or being inside another player. 

If you decide to use an S3 video, please read How to set up your S3 right.




How do I Add Presenters to my Registration Page?

Depending on your page, once you've filled out a presenter they will appear as you see below. Click the pencil in the presenter box to edit (Marked #1 Below).

Adding the Presenter Image

Click the gray and black presenter image to replace the avatar with your own image. We recommend an image of 130 x 130px. Please use a square image, otherwise it will distort.

Presenter Name

Once you are in the presenter box, you can add the presenter name (Marked #2 Below).

Presenter Bio

You can also add the presenter bio. We recommend that you keep it short, 2-3 sentences, and keep all presenter biographies a similar length (Marked #3 Below).

Once you've added the image and presenter information, click Add Presenter (Marked #4 Below).

To remove a presenter, click the red X (Marked #5 Below).

Once you have all your presenters added, Save (Marked #6 Below).




Finishing Up

Once your edits are complete, click "Actions" at the top right (Marked #1 Below).

Here, you have several options. Be sure to press Save if you want to preview. "Cancel and exit" will remove any edits you've made on this editing round.

If you're done with the page, press "Save and Exit" (Marked #2 Below).