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Campaign: Forms


Forms allow you to subscribe your Leads into your database. By directing Kartra what actions you would like it to complete, it will assign Leads to lists, offer the ability to automatically tag them, and much more.

Below is the Forms dashboard.

  1. You can see whether confirmation is on or off.

  2. It will show you the number of visitors who have seen this form.

  3. It will show you the number of subscribers who have signed up with this form.

  4. It will show you the number of pending subscribers with this form.

  5. Your Actions will allow you to generate either the raw HTML code or Javascript for your form, as well as allowing you to edit, clone or delete your form.


Create New Form

To create a new form, you will be prompted through a series of options.

First, select the subscription list you would like to assign to the form; or, you can create a new list


Form Settings

  1. Select which type of opt-in form you would like to use.

  2. Customize your template using the Page Builder.

  3. Hit Save and next.



  1. Select whether you would like a single or double opt-in form.

  2. Add the URL of the thank you page to which your customers will be redirected.

  3. Hit Save and next.


Welcome Message

  1. You may choose to send a welcome email, a welcome SMS text, or no welcome message.

  2. Modify the welcome email using the email form.

  3. Hit Save and next.



You have the option to start an automation when the form is filled out.


  1. In the form, select the cause and effect options you wish to use (Marked # Below). Click the blue Add button when your selections are made

  2. When finished, click Save



  1. When finished, you have the option of the naked HTML (Marked # Below) or JavaScript (Marked # Below). Only use the naked HTML if you have a web developer.