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WebinarJam: How do I Add a PreRecorded Video to WebinarJam?

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How do I add a video to my webinar?

With WebinarJam you have the power to switch between showing your face live on camera and playing a prerecorded video. You can even prerecord a video and play it for the entire live presentation. This is called a Hybrid Webinar.

You can pre-load up to 10 videos. Then, with the click of your mouse, switch from "live broadcast mode" into "video mode". At the end of the video, you can switch back from "Video mode" to "Live mode" to answer questions, continue with the live presentation, or simply plug-in the next video.

Below, you'll find instructions on how to load videos into your webinar set-up to create a Hybrid Webinar. Please also read the Troubleshooting Pre-Recorded Video Problems 



What Video Links Can I Use?


YouTube videos are encoded appropriately and are the easiest to use. Plus, storage is free! 

WARNING: YouTube videos MUST be set to Unlisted or Public to work with WebinarJam. Unlisted will keep the video from searches on YouTube and still allow it to play on WebinarJam for your attendees.  

WARNING: The video must be allowed in the United States and have embed enabled.

To confirm embed is enabled, click Share under the video (Marked #1 Below) then go to Embed (Marked #2 Below).




PLEASE test your mp4 video injection before you go live. Be prepared to upload to YouTube if it doesn't play correctly. YouTube is highly recommended because it is encoded appropriately for use with WebinarJam.   

WARNING: If you use Amazon S3, you must make certain your settings are configured correctly. See S3 Settings Even using these guidelines, it is imperative that you test before your live event.  

WARNING: If you use Vimeo, you must have Vimeo Pro so you can get the MP4 link to use in your own player. Read our article on Vimeo Links.

WARNING: While you can use almost any MP4 link, you'll want to test prior to your live event to ensure the video and audio plays through the WebinarJam recorder. Your video must have audio encoded in stereo mode. Mono will not work. Our servers are configured to sample all videos in stereo for better quality.



How Can I Pre-Load Pre-Recorded Videos?

While the process to add a video is straightforward, it is not something you want to do during a live webinar unless you have to. Additionally, we strongly urge pre-testing your videos to be certain they work within the WebinarJam recorder.

The "Live" tab (Marked #1 below) is where you pre-configure your video clips. Click the Pencil to Edit  "Pre-Configured Video Injections".


WebinarJam Live Setup



Click the pencil to edit "Pre-Configured Video Injections" to see a screen similar to below. Press the "Add New Video" button to add your link.

WebinarJam Live Setup


In the popup, add the following video information:

  1. Give your video a name you can recognize during your webinar (Marked #1 Below).
  2. Add the Video URL from the address bar (Marked #2 Below).  Be sure the video is a YouTube link or an MP4 link.
  3. Add the Video duration. If YouTube says 7:18 you will add 7 to the minutes and 18 to the seconds (Marked #3 Below).
    • The video time duration needs to match exactly to the URL time duration.
  4. Be sure to press save after you've added all the information (Marked #4 Below).

After you've pressed save, you will be taken back to "Pre-Configured Video Injections".

Press "Confirm" (Marked #2 in the image above).


WebinarJam Live Setup





How Do I Add a Video to a Live Webinar?

The right sidebar has several tools that are available during your live webinar. Wideo injections are available no matter the interface.

From the presenter right sidebar, click the film strip icon (Marked #1 Below) and then "Broadcast a Video" (Marked #2 Below). This will display a drop down.

If you are adding a video now, choose "Create a New Video" from the drop down.


WebinarJam Toolbar Video


  1. Add the Video URL (Marked #1 Below).
    1. Please read the Types of Videos to Use to make certain you get a useable link.
  2. Add the Video duration. If YouTube says 7:18 you will add 7 to the minutes and 18 to the seconds (Marked #2 Below).
  3. Press Preview (Marked #3 Below).

*Be sure to see Troubleshooting Pre-Recorded Video Problems


WebinarJam add Video




How Do I Play a Video During My Webinar?

A screen similar to below allows you to preview the video. 

To play for your audience, press "Play Video" (Marked #1 Below). After you press Play there will be an 8 second delay, which allows for the average time delay between presenters and attendees.  (Read about Delay between Attendees & Presenters


WebinarJam play Video



How Does The Video Look While Playing?

Your attendees will see the video in full screen and will hear it as intended. If they have the sidebar open, they are able to chat while the video plays. With WebinarJam Live or YouTube Live as Webinar Providers, they will be able to see any polls and offers, as well.

NOTE: Once you press Play you'll see the video playing in your sidebar.  You will NOT hear the audio. You'll see a note on the bottom of your screen that says, "While video injection is running, your webcam and microphone signals will not be transmitted to your attendees. However, you may still interact with other presenters at any time."


When will the video end?

Beneath the video (for the presenter or moderator) is a timer that, if set correctly, will display how much longer the video has to play (Marked #1 Below).

What if I want to hear the audio?

Under the video is a red dot over a speaker Icon. To hear your video's audio, click the icon (Marked #2 Below).


What If I Want to End the Video Early?

If you wish, you can end the video early by clicking the red "Exit Video and Go Back on the Air" button (Marked #3 Below).  Your audio and video will come back so that you can continue with the webinar. 

Having Issues? Be sure to see Troubleshooting Pre-Recorded Video Problems