EW: How to Add a Vimeo Video

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Do you want to use Vimeo for your EverWebinar?

If you have Vimeo Pro, you can use Vimeo videos on EverWebinar!  But Vimeo has made it a bit tricky to find the right link and fix it for use in EverWebinar. 

NOTE: Vimeo Free and Vimeo Plus do not have Access to Video Files.  



Visit Vimeo

Visit your Vimeo Video Manger vimeo.com/manage/videos to see a list of your Vimeo videos. Scroll your mouse to the right where you will see some tools popup. You need the sprocket icon that says settings (Marked #1 Below).



Vimeo Video




Vimeo Video Settings

Now you are on the Video Settings page. To get the file link you need to go to "Video File" (Marked #1 Below).

NOTE: If you have modified your video privacy (Marked #2 Below) settings you may need to revise them so your video will work in EverWebinar. See Vimeo Privacy Settings for more information.

Vimeo Settings



Vimeo Video File

By clicking "Video File" you should see a screen similar to below. Vimeo makes regular changes so this may look different. Scroll down to "Access your Video Files" (only available on Vimeo Pro accounts). 

You can copy either the standard or high definition link (Marked #1 Below).

Vimeo File Settings



Adding to EverWebinar

Now that you have the URL, go to EverWebinar.  Select a new Webinar, and you'll be taken to the Configuration Screen.  

  • Click the Pencil beside "Source of your Evergreen Webinar." (Marked #1 Below)
  • Click "An External Video File (Marked #2 Below)
  • Add the URL you got from Vimeo (Marked #3 Below)
  • Add the Duration of your video (Marked #4 Below)


EverWebinar Vimeo Error



Vimeo Privacy Settings

If your privacy settings are not set correctly your video may not display correctly in EverWebinar.

If you want your video private, change your "Who can watch this" settings to "Hide this video from Vimeo.com" (Marked #1 Below).

For the video to work in EverWebinar "Where can this video be embedded?" must be left as "Anywhere"(Marked #2 Below).

Vimeo Privacy Settings



Is Your Vimeo Link Showing an Error?

Only Vimeo Pro links will work.

And these must have an MP4.  Vimeo briefly removed MP4 from their URLS.  In this case if you post the video into EverWebinar and confirm you will get the following error message: "Must be a mp4 file, YouTube, Vimeo Pro and Amazon S3 are good options."

You will need to modify the link for it to work.  Look where the arrow is pointing in the image above, it is pointing to ".hd.?s".

You need to add mp4 (as shown below), so it will change to ".hd.mp4?" or ".sd.mp4?" This will fix the Vimeo Video so it will work in your EverWebinar.

EverWebinar Vimeo Error Fixed