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Creating Your Helpdesk


Helpdesk allows you to interact and provide support to your customers through various support channels within Kartra. These support channels are Support Tickets, Phone, Live Chat and Skype.

Here’s how to get started with setting up your Helpdesk.

Creating Your Helpdesk

To get started, you’ll click My Helpdesks located on the left sidebar. (Marked #1 Below) Helpdesk is also in the top menu (Marked #2 Below), but you should be taken here when you press the sidebar button.

Once Helpdesk has loaded, you’ll locate the green add Helpdesk button located to the right (Marked #3 Below).


Once you’ve clicked the green add Helpdesk button (Marked #1 Below) to start setting up your Helpdesk, you can click the Edit icon (Marked #2 Below), if you ever need to make any changes.

You can also see in the image where you’re able to obtain your link, clone your Helpdesk and delete it.

Naming Your Helpdesk

When naming your Helpdesk, you’re limited to 40 characters (Marked #1 Below). The name of your Helpdesk will can only been seen by you. Once you’ve entered the name of your new Helpdesk, you’ll click the green Create button (Marked #2 Below).


Setting Up Your Helpdesk

Throughout your setup, you’ll be able to configure various areas of your Helpdesk. You can set up the page where you’ll be hosting your Helpdesk. You can also create a unique name for your Helpdesk’s Department as well as choose the support channels you’d like to provide to your customers.

You’ll be able to create Knowledgebase articles for your customers to reference. You can also capture those who visit your Helpdesk as leads and assign tags to them, as well as subscribe your leads to lists and sequences.

To save your changes for each section, you’ll want to be sure to click the green Confirm button, so you are able to successfully move on to the next tab of your setup.

However, if you need more time, you can click the Configure Later link found in each section to return to it later.

Customize Tab

In the Your Helpdesk Page Look & Feel section, you can choose to host your Helpdesk using our Kartra servers or using your own website.

Hosting My Helpdesk On Kartra Servers

Hosting your Helpdesk on Kartra servers (Marked #1 Below) will generate a Katra.net URL. Once you’ve made your select, be sure to click the green Confirm button (Marked #2 Below).

Hosting My Helpdesk Using My Own Website

Enter the URL you’ll be placing your Helpdesk on (Marked #1 Below) and choose the image you’d like to use (Marked #2 Below).

Header Logo

You can upload the logo image you’d like to use in our Header Logo section (Marked #1 Below) and can also type in a specific color in the background color field (Marked #2 Below). You can save your changes by clicking the green Confirm button (Marked #3 Below).

NOTE: We recommend a transparent, image file in PNG format sized 250 x 50 pixels. You can visit html-color-codes.info to find color codes for specific colors. You can also use ColorZilla (colorzilla.com) to pick colors from a website.

Custom Marquee

In the Custom Marquee section, you can choose to use one of our pre-loaded images (Marked #1 Below) or to upload one of your own (Marked #5 Below).

You can include marquee text that will appear in the middle of your image (Marked #2 Below). You can also add an overlay color (Marked #3 Below) to your marquee image and adjust that color’s opacity (Marked #4 Below).

This is section which will require testing to see what works best for you.

NOTE: Using your own image, we recommend using only image file types (which includes GIFs) and for the max size to be 999MB. However, please keep in mind that the custom image you decide to use may appear differently for each person who visits your Helpdesk based on things such as screen resolution, browser type, etc.

Departments Tab

In the Support Departments section (Marked #1 Below), you can decide on the name you’d like to give your Helpdesk. This name will be seen by anyone who visits your Helpdesk. The character limit in the Department field is 40 characters.


In the Support Channels section (Marked #2 Above), you can choose to provide support to those visiting your Helpdesk via Support Tickets, Phone, Live Chat, and/or Skype.

NOTE: Notice in the image above that Skype does not have a green Checkmark. This indicates this particular support channel is not active.

For each support channel, you can provide your visitors with its availability in the Tag Line field, and in the Test field of certain support channels, you are able to provide your visitors with contact information.

Support Ticket

In the Tag Line field, you may want to include how long it’ll take for a customer to hear back from a support representative. For example: Avg response time: 4 hours

In the Text field, add the email address where you’ll want to receive your customer’s support requests. The email address you use will not be seen by the public.


In the Tag Line field, you’ll want to add this support channel’s availability. For example: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm EST, Monday thru Friday

In the Text field, you’ll add the phone number where customers can contact support. This phone number will be visible to the public.

Live Chat

In the Tag Line field, you’ll want to add this support channel’s availability. For example: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm EST, 7 days a week!


In the Tag Line field, you’ll want to add this support channel’s availability. For example: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST, Monday thru Friday

In the Text field, you’ll add the Skype ID where customers can contact support. This ID number will be visible to the public.

Wiki Tab


You can create support articles such as FAQs and troubleshooting steps for your product. To get started, you’ll want to create your first category. Categories will help your customers to find the answers they need about your product.


In the image above, the Category Name field will help customers find content relevant to your product. You can use the Category Description field to describe what types are products are found in that particular category.

Once you’ve filled everything out, you can click the green Green button shown in the above image.

NOTE: The Category Name field is limited to 40 characters, and the Category Description field is limited to 120 characters.


You can see from the image above where you’ll add the title of your article in the Article Title field. You can choose the Category from the drop-down list.

You can create and customize your article with our text editor in the Article Body field. In the Article Tags field, you can add any tags related to your article. You can also select which product your article is for.

NOTE: For multiple tags, you’ll need to separate them by using commas.

Automations Tab

You are able to capture customers who use your Helpdesk as Leads. You can assign Tags for your leads as well as subscribe them to your Lists and Sequences.

Finish Tab

Once your setup if complete, you’ll be provided with your Helpdesk’s URL (shown in the above image). This URL is where you’ll direct your customers who need support. You can also view the changes you make to your Helpdesk live at this link.

Creating Your Signature

Each of your team members are able to have their own signature, which can include contact information as well as any support details you’d like to provide to your customers.

Create Canned Responses

You can create standard responses for frequently asked questions (FAQs).