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How do I use LeadPages as my Registration page?

Many customers like the functionality that LeadPages offers, so we are thrilled to be able to provide a formal integration with their system!

You can turn any LeadPage, LeadBox, or Drag & Drop Builder into a WebinarJam or EverWebinar registration page with just a few clicks. 

NOTE: This integration must be done on LeadPages 





As Cool as API integration is, there are some limitations that may require that you use the alternative integration. For any of these situations, please check the Alternative Solutions section.

How Do I Use LeadPages for the Registration Page and WebinarJam for the Thank You Page?

Using the formal integration with LeadPages means you must use their Thank You page. If you would rather use the WebinarJam Thank You page, you'll need to use the Alternative solution instead.


What if I Have Multiple Webinar Sessions?

LeadPages does not offer registrants a choice of sessions, so all registrants are added to the first date/time offered.

  • For WebinarJam, this means the first available session. 
  • For EverWebinar, this means the first session listed. We recommend that your first session be everyday.  



NOTE: From LeadPages:

  • The New WebinarJam/EverWebinar is not supported in their Standard Builder, Leadlinks, or Leaddigits.  
  • (Previous versions of WebinarJam will not be supported via LeadPages after February 1st) 



Where is my WebinarJam API Key?

To find your API Key, go to My Webinars. Then, choose your webinar.

You'll see four circle icons. To get the API key click "Advanced Settings" (Marked # 3 Below), which is shaped like a sprocket.


Advanced Integrations

In the pop up that appears, choose the third option, "API Custom Integrations".

API Integrations

You'll see your Member Id. This is your Member Id within WebinarJam. Next is the Webicode, which is the identifying code for that specific webinar. Then, finally, your API Key. Your API key is the same for all WebinarJam or EverWebinar Webinars.



How do I Connect WebinarJam or EverWebinar to LeadPages?

After you have copied the API Key,  open a new browser tab or window and login to LeadPages. 

Go to your Drag & Drop Leadpage Builder or Drag & Drop Leadbox Builder. 

Click a button on your page or form to access the LeadBox settings (Marked #1 Below).

Add Integration

Be sure you see a left side bar similar to below that says "Integrations".

Click "Add Integration" (Marked #2 Below).

More Services

Click the area that says "More Services" (Marked #3 Below).


LeadPages Integration


On the Integrations Popup, type WebinarJam in the search bar (Marked #1 Below).

Click the "WebinarJam" button (Marked #2 Below).

NOTE: While it only says WebinarJam, it will connect EverWebinar, as well.


LeadPages Integration Choose WebinarJam


A new page will appear.

Add your WebinarJam API Key in the first box (Marked #1 Below).

Give your new connection a name (Marked #2 Below).


LeadPages Integration Connect WebinarJam




How do I Add WebinarJam or EverWebinar to a LeadBox or LeadPage?

Once you have connected to WebinarJam (and EverWebinar), go to Integrations on the left side bar (Marked #1 Below).

If WebinarJam is not displayed, click "Add Integration" (Marked #2 Below). If you've added it as instructed, then you should see the WebinarJam logo. This represents both WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

LeadPages Integration More Services


Once you select WebinarJam, you should be able to scroll through a list of your WebinarJam and EverWebinar Webinars.

Find the webinar to which you want people to register, click the name, then click "Done" (Marked #2 Below).

What if the webinar I need is missing?

Click the refresh button to get the latest webinars from your WebinarJam account.

LeadPages Integration WebinarJam Form




How do I set up WebinarJam or EverWebinar with LeadPages and Autoresponder?

Because the API integration bypasses the autoresponder integration with WebinarJam, the autoresponder must be added to your LeadPages Integration.

You should see your autoresponder (Marked #1 Below) and WebinarJam (Marked #2 Below).

If you don't see your autoresponder click "Add an Integration" (Marked #3 Below) to add it.

LeadPages Integration WebinarJam and Autoresponder

NOTE: If your registrants are getting passed to WebinarJam but not your autoresponder, or if you are having trouble with your Autoresponder integration, we will try to help. However, these issues are best addressed by the LeadPages Support.


Where are the instructions from LeadPages?

You can read their instructions here:   Integrate LeadPages With WebianrJam.






Alternative Solutions

How Can I Use the WebinarJam Embed Button on LeadPages?

Sadly, we cannot provide support on how to edit or upload the HTML code. If you need additional assistance on the LeadPages HTML code, please contact LeadPages Support.

Using the formal integration with Leadpages means you must use their Thank You page. If you wish to use the WebinarJam or EW Thank You page, this technique is for you!

Where do I get the WebinarJam Button Code? 

Click "Your Links" on the webinar you wish to add.

NOTE: If you use the code under "Test Your Webinar", people will not be registered for your event. Be sure to click "Your Links".



You should be on Invite People to Your Webinar!

Click "Embed Registration Code" (Marked #1 Below).

Copy the full code inside the box.


Replace the button and upload the file back to your website.

Now the integration is complete.

You can also see full instructions on: How to use the Registration Button


Where do I add the Embed Button to LeadPages?

Drag an HTML widget to where you want to place the button (Marked #1 Below).

Click the HTML box (Marked #2 Below) and insert the embed button code in the dark blue box that appears (Marked #3 Below).

Be sure to press Save (Marked #4 Below).


LeadPages Embed WebinarJam Button




As an alternative, use Leadpages and whatever sign up form you’d like and register your users by sending them an email after they opt into your Leadpage, using the “Advanced Custom Registration Hotlink” option in WebinarJam. 






Why are people not getting added to my EverWebinar?

Your EverWebinar must have at least one scheduled session. If you have an EverWebinar with only "Just In Time" or "Yesterday's Replay" means that you will want to use HTML to Embed EverWebinar Button on your LeadPage.


I don't see the Webinar I just set up.

Click the refresh button to get the latest webinars from your WebinarJam account.
LeadPages Integration WebinarJam Form